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Safe Break and W22 Return to Campus (12.10.21)

Dear Northeast Campus Community,

Like you, we are looking forward to a well-deserved intersession break for the holidays.  We are also excited about being back together on campus again for the Winter 2022 term! This communication is to provide you with some important travel information and remind you of keys to a safe and healthy trimester during the ongoing pandemic.
We appreciate your cooperation with following health and safety measures over this past term and encourage you to continue acting to protect yourself and others. Please be aware that both new (e.g. Omicron) and existing (inc. Delta) coronavirus variants are highly transmissible, even by those with immunity (i.e., have had the disease or are fully vaccinated), and can lead to serious disease in those without immunity.

As a reminder, Northeast College follows all governmental mandates and reserves the right to engage in a higher level of safety precaution and protocol as appropriate.
For those traveling over the holiday season, especially internationally, note that travel mandates related to COVID-19 (such as testing and vaccination requirements) have recently changed.  Please consult with appropriate officials and websites of areas/countries to which you might travel AND be sure to become familiar with U.S. requirements for international and domestic travel as well.
We look forward to welcoming you back to in-person classes (both lecture and lab) for the W22 term.  As you think ahead to your return to campus, we remind you of some key protocols our community will be following.  Campus community members should:

  • complete the daily online health screening survey found at before coming to campus and follow the instructions you receive.
    • Stay home and contact the appropriate campus official if you have any symptoms or believe you may have been exposed to COVID-19
  • wear a mask when on campus regardless of your vaccination status.  Masks may be removed while actively eating or drinking or when in a private office setting.
  • wash your hands frequently for 20 seconds or more, with warm water and soap.  
  • sanitize frequently between hand washings.
  • cough or sneeze as needed into your mask and cover up with the front of your elbow if possible.
    • Discard tissues immediately after use -- do not save them for a second use later.
  • maintain appropriate distance from others wherever possible. Consider using alternate greetings such as waves or elbow bumps instead of hugs and handshaking.  
  • follow faculty instructions when in classes or labs.

As well, we encourage all in our community to consider getting vaccinated or receiving a booster if you have not yet done so.  
For your reference, some information resources that will be helpful:

Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions. In the meantime, be well and enjoy a safe break!

 J. Todd Knudsen, D.C., DACBR
Vice President of Stakeholder Engagement
Campus Safety Monitor

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