A transformative chiropractic education backed by a century of excellence.

Earn your Doctor of Chiropractic in just over 3 years at Northeast College of Health Sciences – Located in the Finger Lakes Region, just five hours from New York City.

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  • Build a science-driven and evidence-informed professional foundation.
  • Get hands-on chiropractic experience as early as your 2nd trimester.
  • Join a strong network of nearly 10,000 alumni worldwide.
Chiropractic student performing an adjustment

Why choose Northeast College’s Doctor of Chiropractic Program?

With scholarship, financial aid and student employment opportunities, a transformative chiropractic education is well within reach.

Earn your degree in just 3 years, 4 months.

Complete the program in just 10 year-round trimesters, each 15 weeks in length with more than one year of hands-on practical clinical experience. You’ll be trained to take Board Exams in both the U.S. and Canada.

Tailor your education with an advanced certificate.

  • Sports Science and Human Performance
  • Stabilizing Orthotics
  • Whole Food Nutrition

Be powerfully prepared to begin your career.

You'll be trained as an expert adjuster by faculty with extensive professional and clinical experience. 95% of Northeast College’s graduates were employed within 6 months of graduation.*

*According to the 2021 alumni survey

Chiropractic Program At
a Glance

Year 1 - Foundational Sciences

Build a strong foundation in science with discipline-specific courses and learn functional anatomy in our cadaveric dissection lab – the gold standard in chiropractic education. Your skills will develop with hands-on experience in the first trimester with your first adjustment as early as the second trimester.


  • Anatomy and Neuroanatomy
  • Psychomotor and Chiropractic Technique
  • Physiology
  • Biochemistry
  • Nutrition
  • Radiology
  • Microbiology

Year 2 - Chiropractic Clinical Sciences

Expand on the foundational sciences with courses that prepare you to provide evidenced-informed patient care and to thrive as a practitioner. You will study the diagnosis and treatment of spine and neuromusculoskeletal health, transforming into a skillful clinician with the mentorship of our expert faculty.


  • Patient Education
  • General and Laboratory Diagnosis
  • Clinical Case Management
  • Spinal and Extremities Techniques
  • Orthopedics and Neurology
  • Radiology

Year 3 - Clinical Experience

Under the supervision of our faculty clinicians, you will complete a year-long immersive clinical clerkship at one of our three outpatient health centers. You will also participate in rotations in clinical placements in various patient care settings across the U.S. and Canada and learn the business skills to manage a practice and become a successful leader.


  • Clinical Clerkships and Outpatient Rotations
  • Pediatrics, Maternity, and Geriatrics
  • Psychology and Pharmacology
  • Radiology
  • Applied Ethics
  • Advanced Diagnosis and Management
  • Elective Techniques and Sports Performance
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A Fulfilling Career. A Fantastic Outlook.

Common Career Paths of Northeast College Chiropractic Graduates

  • Private practice and associate positions; working in hospitals, healthcare, universities, and multidisciplinary settings
  • Professional affiliations with sports teams at all levels
  • Teaching and research

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