Northeast’s online B.S. in Health Care Administration will prepare you to lead the future of healthcare – in hospitals, nursing facilities, private practices and more.

Medical and health services managers is one of the most rapidly growing professional sectors in the U.S., with the number of jobs projected to increase more than 28% by 2032*. In under three years, you'll graduate not just with a degree, but with the necessary skills to support patient care service delivery and operations from an administrative perspective wherever you find yourself in the healthcare landscape. 

Why Study Health Care Administration at Northeast?

Northeast’s online B.S. degree program in health care administration (HCA) was created by real leaders in the healthcare and management fields, who not only share their subject matter expertise in class but also teach you how to apply what you learn in actual professional scenarios. In addition to core general education courses, you’ll learn about the healthcare industry in courses about organizational change, financial management, community health, marketing, information and data management, and much more. Not only that, you’ll explore your own leadership style and strengths and become well equipped to excel in any role you take on.

Plus, it’s worth noting: Northeast has been ferociously focused on training tomorrow’s healthcare leaders for more than 100 years. Healthcare isn’t just one area we educate in; it’s THE area, and we know how to teach it better than anyone else. Join us to earn your B.S. and see how Northeast grads are powerfully prepared for success.

  • Earn your Bachelor’s degree in less than three years and start your leadership career ASAP.
  • Complete your degree 100% online, with a program designed to be flexible so you can complete coursework wherever and wherever your busy life takes you. 
  • Take classes created to help you hone the leadership and management skills necessary to address challenges, accomplish goals and be ready to adapt in the ever-changing healthcare landscape.
  • Enter a hugely in-demand professional path, with the creation of 145,000 NEW related positions projected by 2032 and an $104,800 average annual salary for U.S. medical and  health services managers as of May 2022.*

*per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Graduates of the Bachelor of Science in Health Care Administration program will meet the
following learning objectives:

  • Examine the historical and current components of the U.S. healthcare policy and delivery system in which healthcare professionals function.
  • Demonstrated ability to assess and generate financial and budgetary information for efficient fiscal resource management using research and best practices as it relates to the healthcare environment.
  • Capable of analyzing data, integrating information, and formulating strategies to assess performance and improve processes that foster safe and effective health care practices.
  • Design solutions informed by proficient critical thinking and analytical skills that present a systematic approach to respond to issues and challenges in a health care environment.
  • Apply management principles, develop business skills, and assess organizational culture in a healthcare setting.
  • Practice and reflect ethical, legal, and compliance principles relevant to healthcare organizations through leadership, professionalism, and integrity in health care practice.
  • Implement learned planning and development strategies to manage changing systems and initiatives in health care operations that contribute to an organization’s goals and performance.
  • Demonstrate effective interpersonal and communication skills necessary to manage relationships and teams in a collaborative health care environment.

Total Credits Earned: 121

  • General Education Credits: 61
  • B.S. in HCA Core Coursework Credits: 60
B.S. in HCA Core Courses: Required Courses Credits Hours
HCA 1110 Introduction to Business for Health Care 3
HCA 1120 Health Care Administration Cornerstone 3
HCA 2110 Medical Terminology for Health Care 3
HCA 2120 Developing Your Administrator Persona 3

HCA 3110 Human Resource Management in Health Care

HCA 3120 Management Information Systems in Health Care 3
HCA 3130 Population & Community Health 3
HCA 3140 Financial Management in Health Care 3
HCA 3150 Health Care Marketing 3
HCA 3160 Health Care Organization Management 3
HCA 3170 Legal and Ethical Considerations in Health Care 3
HCA 4110 Health Care Reimbursement 3
HCA 4120 Project Management in Health Care 3
HCA 4130 Quality and Patient Safety in Health Care 3
HCA 4140 Compliance and Enterprise Risk Management in Health Care 3
HCA 4150 Emerging Leaders: Health Care Administration Capstone 3
B.S. in HCA Core Courses: Elective Course Credits Hours
HCA 3111 Health Policy & Comparative Health Systems 3
HCA 3112 Introduction to Health Informatics & Analytics 3
HCA 4111 Acute Care Facility Management 3
HCA 4112 Data Analysis and AI in Health Care 3
HCA 4113 Operations Management in Health Care 3
HCA 4114 Physician Practice Management 3
HCA 4115 Post-Acute Care Management 3
HCA 4116 Revenue Cycle Management 3

Applications received by February 1 will be given priority consideration. Applications received after February 1 will be reviewed on a space-available basis.

  • Submit an application with a letter of recommendation.
  • Have earned a high school diploma or earned a certificate of equivalent education recognized by the U.S. Department of Education.
  • Submit high school and any post-secondary/college transcripts.
  • Additional materials may be required.

Northeast College Admissions does not require the SAT or ACT. Applicants who do not submit SAT/ACT scores will not be at a disadvantage in the admissions process.

Learn more about Admissions requirements

Come to Northeast College and Take Your Career to a New Level!

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Earn your B.S. and start your new career in under 3 years – classes start Fall 2024!

Arrow pointing none $104K
Average salary
Average medical/health services manager salary as of 2022, per U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.
Arrow pointing up 145K
New job openings
New job openings for medical/health services managers projected by 2032, per U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.
Arrow pointing none 100+
Northeast College has been ferociously focused on teaching tomorrow’s healthcare leaders over 100 years.

Are you ready to take the next step in your healthcare career?

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Are you ready to take the next step in your healthcare career?

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