Melissa Murphy headshot

Melissa E. Murphy

Program Director, Bachelor of Science in health care administration

For eight years, beginning in 2013, Melissa E. Murphy led Northeast’s Levittown Health Center as its administrator. She was responsible for all operations at the Long Island facility, and, clearly, Murphy excelled in this role because after a brief stint with Clarity Practice Management Associates, she is back at Northeast College of Health Sciences as program director for the potential new Bachelor of Science program in healthcare administration.

“I am thrilled to return to Northeast in this new capacity, as it gives me the opportunity to continue to work with future professionals that will help shape healthcare delivery in our country,” Murphy says. “The culture of Northeast is truly rare, a community of like-minded individuals that intend to make a positive impact on the health and well-being of those we serve.”

Murphy’s education underscores her suitability for this new position. She holds a Master of Public Administration degree from the University of Delaware with dual concentrations in health care policy & management and financial management. Murphy is also a member of the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE) and the American Society for Public Administration (ASPA).

Murphy began her new role at Northeast in March of 2022, and has embraced the challenges and opportunities that the position entails. “The [healthcare administration] program will contribute administrative leaders to the field who will apply professional best practices and work in concert with various clinical disciplines with the goal of providing quality health care to the communities we serve.”

Born in the Queens borough of New York City, Murphy is a long-time resident of Long Island and works remotely at her new position, traveling to Northeast’s Seneca Falls campus regularly for events. When not working, she enjoys dancing, practicing yoga and playing beach volleyball, as well as volunteering her time at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Long Island. Murphy also takes advantage of the proximity to New York City frequently, relishing in the opportunity to attend live music and Broadway shows.

There is room for creativity and innovation at Northeast, a chance to provide students with a blend of real-world experience and the needed tools for success.

A Few Questions For Program Director Melissa Murphy

Why is Northeast exploring this new B.S. program?
The Bachelor of Science degree in healthcare administration is a natural complement to the mission, vision and values of Northeast as it will prepare graduates for administrative and managerial roles in contemporary health care organizations.  The program emphasizes the professionalism, interprofessional collaboration and leadership required to excel in the diverse and dynamic healthcare environment.  There is room for creativity and innovation at Northeast, a chance to provide students with a blend of real-world experience and the needed tools for success.  

For what sort of jobs would the program prepare students?
The exciting part is there are so many areas of opportunity with this degree!  You can work in strategic planning, on the reimbursement and payor side, in a hospital or private practice setting as a practice manager or even behind the scenes in performance improvement or data analytics. Our coursework and faculty members will expose students to these different areas of specialization to help inspire their potential career path.  

What appealed to you about leading the exploration of this new program?
This position was appealing to me because it is my purpose and passion to help clinical professionals be able to do their job most effectively by providing strong leadership and support. Without proper management of resources, the patient experience can be impacted in a negative way. In this position, I feel like an artist with a blank canvas, pulling together the needed elements for a future administrator to be successful in leading both clinical and administrative professionals toward that common goal.  

Plus, I have always bled 'Northeast blue' during my time at the College, so it feels like coming home. I am truly grateful to be a part of Northeast's next chapter.