Northeast College of Health Sciences' Alumni Weekend provides our strong alumni community and friends an opportunity to connect with experts and colleagues, engage with industry leaders and support your professional goals.

Alumni Weekend 2022: ONLINE.

Registration is now open!

The 2022 Alumni Weekend will take place on September 16-18, via synchronous webinars. You’ll be able to login from wherever your professional life has taken you to get great continuing education and time with your community. Alumni Weekend information and links to registration can be found below!

NOTE: Alumni Weekend attendees’ continuing education (CE) transcripts are available via the Frank J. Nicchi School of Continuing Education. Email notifications are sent once the credits are added to CE records.

Please note, all courses are to be held online/in webinar format.

Friday, Sept. 16, 2022
12:30- 2:30 p.m.     

  • 2 CE/PDA - Professions: DC (NYS Cat 1), Acupuncture, LCA
    Course: Documentation and Prevention of Medical Errors
    Speaker: John Lockenour, D.C., DABCO, DABCA (NCMIC)
  • 2 CE/PDA - Professions: D.C., Acupuncture
    Course: Dissecting the Kinetic Chain of the Linear Athlete; Recovery and Interventions
    Speakers: Christine Foss, D.C., M.D., M.S.Ed., ATC, DACBSP, ICCSP & Michael Zumpano, D.C., Ph.D.

3- 5 p.m.

  • 2 CE/PDA - Professions: DC (NYS Cat 1), Acupuncture, LCA
    Course: Proper Utilization of CMT Codes
    Speaker: John Lockenour, D.C., DABCO, DABCA (NCMIC)
  • 2 CE/PDA - Professions: D.C., Acupuncture
    Course: Dissecting the Kinetic Chain of the Rotational Athlete; Recovery and Interventions
    Speakers: Christine Foss, D.C., M.D., M.S.Ed., ATC, DACBSP, ICCSP & Michael Zumpano, D.C., Ph.D.

Saturday, Sept. 17, 2022
8- 10 a.m. 

  • 2 CE/PDA - Professions: DC, Acupuncture
    Course: Enhancing Clinical Outcomes and the Cultural Authority of Chiropractic Through Integration and Population Health Management
    Keynote speaker: David J. BenEliyahu, D.C., FICC

10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.

  • 2 CE/PDA - Professions: DC (NYS Cat 1), Acupuncture, LCA
    Course: Taking Your ICD-10 Coding to The Next Level
    Speaker: Kevin Sharp, D.C. (NCMIC)
  • 2 CE/PDA - Professions: DC, Acupuncture
    Course: MR of Lumbar Spine: Case Study Approach
    Speaker: Jennifer Pedley, M.S., D.C., DACBR (Foot Levelers)
  • 2CE/PDA - Professions: DC, Acupuncture
    Course: Myofascial Cupping, Taping, and Compression Band Flossing
    Speaker: Rebecca Bauer D.C., M.S.A.C.N., B.S.

12:30- 1:30 p.m.

  • Lunch break

1:30- 3:30 p.m.

  • 2 CE/PDA - Professions: DC, Acupuncture
    Course: Mastering the Cervicothoracic, Shoulders and Ribs
    Speaker: Kevin M. Wong, D.C. (Foot Levelers)
  • 2 CE/PDA - Professions: DC (NYS Cat 1), Acupuncture, LCA
    Course: Documenting the Pediatric Visit
    Speaker: Jennifer Brocker, D.C., DICCP (NCMIC)
  • 2 CE/PDA - Professions: D.C., Acupuncture
    Course: Clinical Assessment of Functional Breathing
    Speaker: Melissa Luhrs, LMT, B.S., D.C., CCEP (WDC)

4- 6 p.m.

  • 2 CE/PDA - Professions: DC, Acupuncture
    Course: A Journey Through Photobiomodulation Therapy
    Speaker: Richard Amy, D.C. (Avant)
  • 2 CE/PDA - Professions: DC (NYS Cat 1), Acupuncture, LCA
    Course: How to Elevate & Modernize Your Chiropractic SOAP Notes
    Speaker: Marty Kotlar, D.C. (Target Coding)
  • 2 CE/PDA - Professions: DC, Acupuncture
    Course: The Clinical Neurology of Pain
    Speaker: Richard Marsillo, D.C., M.S., DAAPM (NYSCA)

Sunday, Sept. 18, 2022
8- 10 a.m.

  • 2 CE/PDA - Professions: DC, Acupuncture
    Course: Spine Rehabilitation: Practical Pearls for Monday Morning
    Speaker: Bart Green, D.C., M.S.Ed., Ph.D. (NCMIC)
  • 2 CE/PDA - Professions: DC (NYS Cat 1), Acupuncture, LCA
    Course: Risk Management in the Chiropractic Office
    Speaker: Mike Whitmer RPLU, MHP (NCMIC)        
  • 2 CE/PDA – Professions: DC (Nutrition), Acupuncture, CNS
    Course: Metabolic Inflammatory Factors That Mimic or Contribute to NMS Disorders
    Speaker: Scott Banks, D.C.

10:30 a.m.- 12:30 p.m.

  • 2 CE/PDA – Professions: DC (Nutrition), Acupuncture, CNS
    Course: Optimal Nutrition and Supplement Strategies for Sports Related Injuries & Performance
    Speaker: Jeffrey M. Lavell, D.C. (Standard Process) 
  • 2 CE/PDA - Professions: DC (NYS Cat 1), Acupuncture, LCA
    Course: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion 101, "It's Not Just Black and White"- What Is It and How Does It Apply to My Office?
    Speaker: Keita Vanterpool, D.C (WDC) 
  • 2 CE/PDA - Professions: DC, Acupuncture
    Course: Integrating Rehab and Getting Patient Compliance for Your Chiropractic Practice
    Speaker: Justin Rabinowitz, D.C., CSCS

12:30- 1:30 p.m.     

  • Lunch break

1:30- 3:30 p.m.

  • 2 CE/PDA – Professions: DC (Nutrition), Acupuncture, CNS
    Course: Top 10 Reasons You Are Fatigued
    Speaker: Cindy Howard, D.C., DACBN (Stopain Clinical)
  • 2 CE/PDA - Professions: DC (NYS Cat 1), Acupuncture, LCA
    Course: The Medicare Survival Guide - Navigating the Medicare Maze
    Speaker: Mark L. Sanna, D.C., ACRB Level II, FICC
  • 2 CE/PDA - Professions: DC, Acupuncture
    Course: Helping Your Patients Improve Posture and Fight Tech Neck
    Speaker: Anita Haque, D.C. (Foot Levelers)

Richard Amy headshot

Richard Amy

Speaker sponsored by Avant 

Dr. Richard Amy has been a pioneer and innovator in photobiomodulation therapy for over 25 years. Dr. Amy designed and performed two100 patient, gold-standard clinical trials on chronic neck and shoulder pain that led to the first  FDA clearance for low level laser therapy in the U.S.

During the past two-plus decades, Dr. Amy has lectured worldwide on the many aspects of his applied neurology course and its relationship to enhanced healthcare. Dr. Amy has created advanced laser treatment protocols for pain management, neurological rehabilitation, TMD, headaches, migraines, Lyme disease, Covid long-hauler and other maladies.

In addition to being a top researcher and clinician, Dr. Amy has trained tens of thousands of healthcare practitioners in Photobiomodulation Therapy. Dr. Amy has been writing PBM protocols since 1998 and his current manual for treating Neuromuscular Pain Syndromes is used in most chiropractic and naturopathic schools around the country. 

Scott Banks headshot

Scott Banks

Dr. Scott D. Banks is a graduate of the State University of New York at Alfred University and of Logan College of Chiropractic in St. Louis, Missouri. He received his master's in human nutrition from the University of Bridgeport in 2008. Banks was licensed by the Virginia Board of Medicine in 1977 and is beginning his 40th year of practice. His current practice specializes in nutritional therapy and functional rehabilitation. He has served as a postgraduate instructor for eight chiropractic colleges as well as the Chiropractic Rehabilitation Association. He has authored the rehabilitation guidelines on the lumbar spine and on scoliosis for that organization.

Banks has taught in the chiropractic orthopedics certification, chiropractic rehabilitation and sports injuries programs. He has presented lectures on spine topics to the American College of Sports Medicine, the Southern Medical Association, The Northern Virginia Society for Continuing Medical Education, the Maryview Hospital Pain Management Program, the Lovelace Medical System and the St. Johns Health System. He has also served as an alternative medicine preceptor for the Department of Family and Community Medicine at Eastern Virginia Medical School. Banks has published numerous papers on spine topics and has been a contributing author of two textbooks. He is a past editor of Nutritional Perspectives, the journal of the ACA Council on Nutrition.

Jenny Brocker Headshot

Jennifer Brocker

Speaker sponsored by NCMIC

Dr. Brocker is a board-certified pediatric chiropractor and is president of the ACA Pediatrics Council. She has felt a deep passion to help and serve other people. From an early age she developed a deep respect and curiosity for healthcare because she grew up under the chiropractic care of her mom, Dr. Patricia Petrie. She believes a comprehensive approach to healthcare is in the best interest of the patient and it is her duty as a chiropractor to work with other healthcare professionals to provide patients with the best and most complete care possible.

Dr. Jenny uses her experience as a mother and her knowledge as a chiropractor to help make pregnancy a time of joy and celebration, leading to a positive birth experience. With three children of her own, Dr. Jenny, finds so much delight in working with children. They are a constant source of wonder and laughter, and she loves helping them thrive.
When she is not in the office, Dr. Jenny enjoys camping, knitting, baking and anything that involves her husband Isaac and their three children -- Avari, Dean, and Amity.

David J. BenEliyahu headshot

David J. BenEliyahu 

Keynote speaker

Dr. BenEliyahu has been in private practice for 39 years and  has directed an integrative and collaborative spine practice.

He is currently the administrative director of the Mather Hospital/Northwell Health Back and Neck Pain Center, as well as the Mather Hospital/Northwell Health Chiropractic Collaboration Program. He is the director/coordinator for the Mather Hospital/Northwell Health Spine and Orthopedic Grand Rounds program, as well as its multidisciplinary annual Neurospine Summit that fosters collaborative community spine care through interdisciplinary case reports and presentations.

In addition, he is the co-director of Long Island Spine Care Affiliates, an organization that promotes collaborative community spine care between chiropractors, neurosurgeons, and interventional pain management physicians.

BenEliyahu is widely published on spine care in peer reviewed journals and has made many presentations on spine care with local, state and national organizations.

BenEliyahu was recently presented with the annual Community Honoree Award by Mather Hospital/Northwell Health and was the first chiropractor on Long Island to be honored by a hospital system

Bart Green headshot

Bart Green
D.C., M.S. Ed., Ph.D., DACBSP

Speaker sponsored by NCMIC

Dr. Bart Green has a unique background and current presence in the chiropractic profession as a practicing chiropractor, a scientific journal editor, epidemiologist and educator. With 30 years of experience in environments ranging from private practice to the largest military tertiary hospital on the West Coast, he knows how to speak to clinicians, making information relevant and fun to learn. Board certified in chiropractic sports medicine, holding a master's degree in medical education and a PhD in public health, Green speaks on a wide variety of topics.

Green is a full-time chiropractor and epidemiologist, practicing in an interdisciplinary, on-site health center that serves a large corporation in San Diego and San Jose, California. He previously started the first chiropractic clinic for the military in San Diego at the Naval Medical Center, practicing for 13 years as an interprofessional teammate in spine, sports and combat casualty care clinics and served as cycling coach for the United States Marine Corps Air Station Miramar endurance sports team. He has been in private practice and served as a clinician-educator at two chiropractic colleges. A second-generation chiropractor, his chiropractic roots go back more than 75 years. He knows how to blend the old with the new and has been an advocate and financial supporter of chiropractic history research for his entire career.

Green has published more than one hundred research papers in scientific and academic journals and served as a collaborator in multiple research projects. Most recently, he served as a volunteer researcher for the Global Spine Care Initiative, an international collaboration of 68 international spine experts from 24 countries, which published several papers about sustainable primary spine care models. 

Editor in chief for the Journal of Chiropractic Education, Green also is a part-time faculty member at the National University of Health Sciences where he serves as the associate editor for National's three journals: The Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics, The Journal of Chiropractic Medicine and The Journal of Chiropractic Humanities.

Anita Haque headshot

Anita Haque

Speaker sponsored by Foot Levelers

Dr. Anita Haque grew up in Toronto, Canada and moved to California to pursue her dream of being a chiropractor. After graduating magna cum laude from Cleveland Chiropractic College in Los Angeles in 2003, she moved to the bay area and opened her practice in 2004. She has since joined forces with her husband, Don Parker, who is a personal trainer and fitness expert in Livermore, to run a full chiropractic, personal training, rehab and massage therapy facility in Livermore.

Her passion is helping her patients through natural healthcare, nutrition and exercise. She has won several awards including Best of Livermore 2009 through 2021 and has been voted "Best Chiropractor East Bay" for the last nine years in a row. She also appeared in Body Beautiful from Kron 4 for her expertise on sports injuries in 2008. 
Being featured as one of 40 under 40 in the Bay area in 2017, Haque has also been featured in Chiropractic magazines for her innovative approach with her patients and is the author of "Chiropractic Way to Health" and "Exposed! 10 Secrets to Health and Happiness". In addition to speaking at several locations to help other DCs (including CE for Foot Levelers), she has developed an exercise DVD with her husband Don Parker to provide workouts for back pain sufferers.

Helping to bring fun and relevant topics to other female doctors of chiropractic, Haque has been the chair for Women's Chiropractic Education for the California Chiropractic Association since January 2022 

Marty Kotlar headshot

Marty Kotlar

Speaker sponsored by Target Coding

Dr. Marty Kotlar (D.C. '83) is the president of Target Coding. Kotlar owned and operated a successful chiropractic practice for 12 years and multi-specialty practice for four years. He began his consulting career with a special emphasis on CPT coding, billing, reimbursement, documentation and compliance for chiropractic and multi-specialty facilities. Over the last 12 years, Kotlar has provided valuable nationwide educational seminars and consulting to over 3,500 healthcare providers and their staff members.

Kotlar is certified in CPT® coding, a certified professional compliance officer, and a member of the American Academy of Professional Coders. Kotlar has written eight books on chiropractic coding, compliance, and documentation. He is a contributing author to Chiropractic Economics Magazine and Dynamic Chiropractic. He is a featured guest speaker for Foot Levelers seminars, Parker seminars, the Coding Institute and at many state association conventions nationwide.

Target Coding has donated thousands of dollars to various chiropractic political action committees to help strengthen the chiropractic profession.

Cindy Howard headshot

Cindy Howard

Speaker sponsored by Stopain Clinical

Dr. Cindy M. Howard is a board-certified chiropractic internist and nutritionist in private practice, the owner of Innovative Health & Wellness Center in Orland Park, Illinois and holds a license in the state of Florida. She speaks nationally, presenting on topics including pre- and post-concussion nutrition, neuroadrenal dysfunction, and infection in sport, male and female pelvic disorders, pediatrics, immunology, GI disorders, endocrinology, nutritional blood analysis interpretation and genetics. She is also the owner of DC consulting; assisting private practices improve their communication skills and improving patient adherence while building a better functional medicine and nutritional practice. 

Howard is the co-founder of Advanced Education; an entity that runs CE programs for the Internal Medicine Diplomate. For the last eight years she has served as the Illinois delegate for the American Chiropractic Association and as the alternate for six years prior to that. She has served on the membership, professional development, clinical guidelines, bylaws, and grievance committees. She was the recipient of the Flynn/Lynch award in 2015 for outstanding service. She is a past president of the ACA Council on Diagnosis and Internal Disorders and currently serves as the vice president of the College of Pharmacology and Toxicology. She also serves on the medical advisory board for the Functional Medicine University, serves as a board member for Before the Hit and Djor Intelligence Guards.

Howard is an associate editor of The Original Internist and a regular contributor for the Illinois Chiropractic Society online newsletter. In 2020, Dr. Cindy Howard was awarded the Chiropractor of the Year from the Illinois Chiropractic Society. Locally, Dr. Howard serves as a board member for the Frankfort Falcons Youth football organization, the concussion oversight team for the local school district and is the team chiropractor for the Natural Wrestling Club.

Jeffrey M. Lavell

Jeffrey M. Lavell

Speaker sponsored by Standard Process

Dr. Lavell holds a Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Northwestern College of Chiropractic (now re-named Northwestern Health Sciences University) in Bloomington, Minnesota. He completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Minnesota at Duluth, where he majored in biology and received a minor in chemistry. He also holds a bachelor's degree from Northwestern in human biology.

After completing his internship in St. Paul, Lavell established Specific Family Chiropractic in Maplewood in June of 1998. In the spring of 2001, he opened his satellite office in Spring Lake Park, Minnesota to meet growing demands of his patient base. Spinal Decompression of Minnesota soon followed to help those with herniated discs, bulging discs, degenerative discs, and sciatica in a non-surgical format that could not be helped by other conservative methods. He has attended numerous hours of postgraduate studies on decompression to help him better his technique and results in this area.

Lavell has extensive training in human nutrition and has completed over three hundred post doctorate hours in the study of this topic. This area is one of his true passions. For many years dating back to his undergraduate studies he helped work with bodybuilders to help them get in shape for their shows and events. He also has well over 150 hours of post graduate study has been performed in human biomechanics and musculoskeletal rehabilitation, with a focused emphasis on the non-surgical treatment and rehabilitation of lumbar disc herniations, carpal tunnel syndrome, and whiplash injuries. Although he has a true family practice dealing with all age groups and all kinds of conditions. He has developed a unique approach to dealing with injuries combining chiropractic, massage, physical therapy, nutrition, and exercise to get people well as fast as possible.

Lavell has been honored to be a keynote speaker at numerous continuing education seminars on the topic of functional nutrition to chiropractors, acupuncturists, naturopaths, medical doctors, and nutritionists. He has spoken in such locations as Houston, St. Louis, Kansas City, Minneapolis, and San Francisco.

Currently, Lavell serves as a team chiropractor for The Minnesota Menagerie Women's Rugby Team as well as for many athletes from the University of Minnesota Men's Rugby Team. Additionally, Lavell holds associate professor and instructor positions at Northwestern Health Sciences University through their internship program and on campus Gonstead technique club.

Hobbies include fishing, downhill skiing, weightlifting, scuba diving, home aquariums, football (college and pro as well as fantasy football...he is a good ringer for your next draft!), travel (he is always looking for the next wonderful place to go...share your experiences with him), and movies (huge movie buff!). He has been married to his wife Danetta since 2000 and has two children Josephine (Josie) and Braedon. 

John D. Lockenour  headshot

John D. Lockenour 

Speaker sponsored by NCMIC

Dr. John Lockenour is a 1977 graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic. After completing his graduate degree, he completed two diplomats through the American Board of Chiropractic Orthopedist and the American Board of Chiropractic Acupuncture. Additional certification in chiropractic rehabilitation, manipulation under anesthesia, and applied diagnostic testing give him a vast background that he brings to teaching and practice. Lockenour built one of the largest and most successful chiropractic practices in Indiana. As vice president of the Indiana State chiropractic Association, he was the only doctor to receive chiropractor of the year on two occasions, once in 1991 and again in 2000. For the last 30 years, Lockenour has taught postgraduate courses in orthopedics, whiplash injuries, physical therapy, nutrition, and acupuncture. A previous assistant professor at Palmer College of Chiropractic Florida that now maintains a busy practice in Port Orange, Florida. His informative and motivational style of speaking makes him an exceedingly popular speaker and sought-after practitioner. 

Melissa Luhrs headshot

Melissa Luhrs

Speaker sponsored by Women Chiropractors (WDC)

Dr. Melissa Luhrs is a doctor of chiropractic, board-eligible chiropractic neurologist, and certified chiropractic extremities practitioner. She received her doctorate from Palmer College of Chiropractic-Florida. She graduated from University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point with a Bachelor of Science in health promotion and wellness and completed massage therapy school while attending the university. Dr. Melissa has taken hundreds of post-doctorate course hours in neurology, pediatrics, extremities and tonal techniques.

After graduation she practiced in Illinois for 3.5 years before life events took her back to her hometown, in 2012. She completed the International Academy of Chiropractic Neurology classes in 2011, and now focuses on patients with complex case histories and pediatrics.

In 2019, she was involved in a serious motor vehicle accident, which left her with lasting injuries, which led her to teaching and coaching more, and less hands-on patients. She currently owns Health Journey Chiropractic in McFarland, WI, and practices, with three other doctors as a team.

She teaches and coaches new graduates in becoming more certain in practice with complex cases and navigating the nuances of owning a business and building a team.

Richard Marsillo headshot

Richard Marsillo

Northeast College Alumni (D.C. '91) 
Speaker sponsored by NYSCA

Richard Marsillo is an alumnus of New York Chiropractic College, now Northeast College of Health Sciences, earning his Doctor of Chiropractic degree in 1991. He then earned his master's in biomechanics and neuromotor control from NYU and is a Diplomate in the American Academy of Pain Management (DAAPM). He formerly served as an assistant professor in the Department of Clinical Sciences at Bridgeport and was a fellow / faculty clinician for Northeast College of Health Sciences, as well as an adjunct professor in the Department of Diagnostic Services at Hunter College. Currently he is an adjunct assistant professor in the biology department at SUNY Farmingdale College. He is still in clinical practice and is an actively serving member of the U.S. military. 

Jennifer Pedley headshot

Jennifer Pedley

Speaker sponsored by Foot Levelers

Dr. Jennifer Pedley resides in Redlands, California. She achieved her Bachelor of Science degree in biology/pre-medicine and in exercise and sport science at University of Wisconsin- La Crosse. Her doctorate degree in chiropractic was earned at Northwestern Health Sciences University in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She also completed the radiology residency at National University of Health Sciences. She has achieved a Master of Science (M.S.) degree in diagnostic imaging, a diplomate as a board-certified chiropractic radiologist and is a certified chiropractic sport physician. Following the residency, Jennifer also attended a visiting radiology fellowship at Duke University Medical Center in Durham, North Carolina. 

Today, Jennifer has a private radiology consulting practice reading for medical and chiropractic doctors, lawyers, and imaging centers such as University Medical Imaging in Sacramento, CA. She is also the past president of the American Chiropractic College of Radiology (ACCR), a radiology lecturer for organizations in California, Foot Levelers and Footmaxx. 

Justin Rabinowitz headshot

Justin Rabinowitz

Justin Rabinowitz (D.C. '12) is a chiropractor, published author and entrepreneur. He founded his first rehab chiropractic practice, Strive2Move in New Jersey, three years after graduating from Northeast College of Health Sciences (formerly NYCC) and has since founded and partnered in three healthcare businesses that include rehab chiropractic, acupuncture, and functional medicine all of which are 100% out of network and cash.

Justin now coaches rehab ]chiropractors all over the U.S. to practice exactly how they want and how to run a wildly successful business. He started his original practice with a portable table, no outside funding and no office space. Within two years, the practice was fully functioning and ready to expand all while being 100% out of network/cash, focusing treatment on rehab and movement, and beginning to develop what is now a world class team.

Justin worked as the team chiropractor for Rutgers University Women's Gymnastics team and as the personal chiropractor for MVP-level Major League Baseball players.

Mark L. Sanna headshot

Mark L. Sanna

Many people go through life and never experience their true calling. Dr. Mark Sanna (D.C. '87) is one of the few to find his absolute life's work. Sanna the CEO of Breakthrough Coaching is an international healthcare practice management consulting firm that teaches an outcome-based, functionally oriented system of procedures that focuses on preparing healthcare providers to become the providers of the Prevention and Wellness services driving healthcare reform today. He is a fellow of the International College of Chiropractors, a Foundation for Chiropractic Progress board member, and the finance committee chairperson for the Chiropractic Summit.

Kevin Sharp headshot

Kevin Sharp

Speaker sponsored by NCMIC

Dr. Kevin Sharp, founder of Sharp Chiropractic in Winston Salem, N.C. is one of the country's foremost experts in the areas of compliant clinical documentation and insurance industry standards. His expertise includes a combination of active chiropractic practice, continuing education, teaching, consulting and advisory work.

Noted for delivering informative and inspirational lectures to chiropractors and their staff, Sharp is a sought-after speaker on chiropractic issues as well as an advocate for chiropractic patients with insurance carriers. With over 34 years helping and caring for patients, he has developed a keen perspective on how to communicate, document and tell the story of a chiropractic patient. Sharp has served as one of the ACA's lead instructors on ICD-10, taught numerous seminars on coding, compliance and documentation and consults with doctors of chiropractic on how to improve their practice efficiency and profitability in a complaint manner.

The recipient of numerous industry awards, Sharp was inducted as a fellow into the International College of Chiropractors, one of the highest honors given to doctors of chiropractic.

A native of Flint, Mich., Sharp is a graduate of the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic, receiving both the President's and Clinical Excellence awards. He opened Sharp Chiropractic in 1998 and, to this day, his greatest passion continues to be caring for patients in his daily practice. Dr. Sharp is married with seven children.

Keita Vanterpool headshot

Keita Vanterpool

Speaker sponsored by Women Chiropractors (WDC)

Dr. Keita Vanterpool is a licensed chiropractor and health and wellness expert. She is passionate about educating the public on various health care issues ranging from nutrition, fitness, stress and chronic disease management.

Diagnosed with lupus at an early age and having a few near-death experiences, through her faith in God, determination and perseverance, Vanterpool was able to overcome many health challenges and attest to the benefits of incorporating simple lifestyle modification techniques to improve her quality of life.

Founder of CHIROKEI Consulting, LLC, Vanterpool and her team provides health and wellness programs and demonstrations to both corporate and non-corporate entities. She is also founder of TRILOGY Fitness Group, a 501(c) 3 organization that promotes and provides access to healthcare in underserved communities.

Vanterpool earned her B.S. in biology/pre-medicine from Elizabeth City State University and her Doctor of Chiropractic from Life University in Marietta, Ga. As a regulator and policy maker, Vanterpool serves as, chair of the Washington, DC Board Chiropractic and as the first African American woman and first elected official on the Federation of Chiropractic Licensing Board, (FCLB).

Vanterpool has been active within the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners (NBCE), where she sat on the testing and standard setting committees, as well as an examiner for the Ethics and Boundaries Assessment Services, (EBAS), where she graded licensees that were sanctioned.

Vanterpool continues to serve within the profession, with the Council for Chiropractic Education, (CCE), diversity and inclusion committee, as lifetime member of the American Black Chiropractic Association (ABCA), alternate delegate for the American Chiropractic Association, (ACA), member of the International Chiropractic Association, (ICA) and proud member or the Women DC Chiropractor Group.

Vanterpool understands the value of work-life balance and is committed to excellence in service. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with family, food and enjoyable conversation with friends, traveling, cooking, arts, entertainment, and mentoring students. Her company's motto is "Meeting Your Needs to Better Health by providing the Very Best Health Care with a Holistic Approach," where she says it begins with a positive mindset.    

Mike Whitmer headshot

Mike Whitmer

Speaker sponsored by NCMIC

Mike Whitmer, vice president of NCMIC's Chiropractic Insurance Programs, has more than 25 years of experience in the business world to share with D.C.s who are starting their chiropractic careers. By day, Mike leads the corporate relations team at NCMIC Group, Inc., teaching at chiropractic colleges about business practices and risk management and attending trade shows and homecoming events. Mike is also the cofounder of a property management company and a restoration firm that have provided his real world experience on writing business plans and dealing with small business finance and operations. He is the board president of Children's Cancer Connection, and on the board and executive committee of the National MS Society, Upper Midwest Chapter.

Kevin Wong headshot

Kevin M. Wong

Speaker sponsored by Foot Levelers

Dr. Kevin M. Wong is a 1996 summa cum laude graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic West (PCCW). He graduated as class valedictorian with clinical excellence and student fellow awards. He spent his first four years practicing as an associate doctor of chiropractic while teaching part-time at PCCW. He then established his own private practice with his wife, Dr. Isabel, which he continues to operate today. He has been a practicing chiropractor and continuing education instructor for more than 24 years. He has developed specialties in the feet, shoulders and extremities but of course, loves treating the spine. Dr. Kevin's private practice utilizes a variety of adjustive techniques and treating all age levels. His practice influences and evolves the course material he teaches chiropractors, CAs and students.

Initially, Dr. Kevin's teaching in chiropractic began as adjunct faculty for PCCW and the International Chiropractic Association of California. Then in 2004, Dr. Kevin joined the Foot Levelers Speakers Bureau. He has also spoken for Rock Tape. His program focuses on how the extremities of the body can affect the spine and whole-body stability. He is a frequently requested speaker on the topic of extremity/spinal adjusting, foot biomechanics, orthotics and ergonomics and teaches over 120 hours per year in the U.S. and internationally. He frequently authors articles for Chiropractic Economics, The American Chiropractor and Dynamic Chiropractic. Dr. Kevin practices full-time in the city of Orinda, located in the East San Francisco Bay Area. He lives in Walnut Creek, Calif. with his wife, son and daughter.

Michael Zampano headshot

Dr. Michael Zumpano 

In addition to being a licensed chiropractor and an international expert in human anatomy, Dr. Zumpano first earned his Ph.D. in anthropology.  He is an expert in human culture and variation, and trained in holistic system analysis. This means that he is able to analyze and reveal not only the physical cause of pain, but also the psychosocial components.

As a professor at New York Chiropractic College, now Northeast College of Health Sciences, for more than 20 years, he is always current in the new chiropractic techniques, and will always be current and up-to-date in human anatomy and biomechanics. He also coordinates the Anatomical Gift Program (whole body donation) at the College, and is a member of the NYS Regents State Board of Chiropractic.  

Christine Foss headshot

Dr. Christine Foss 

Dr. Christine Foss has a master's degree in sports medicine from Old Dominion University, a Doctor of Chiropractic degree from New York Chiropractic College, now Northeast College of Health Sciences, and a Doctor of Medicine degree from the University of Health Sciences.

When she is not treating and working with patients at her New Jersey Advanced Sports Medicine & Physical Therapy Center and Kid's Therapy Center, she travels the world treating elite athletes. She has worked with Team USA Track and Field in Mexico and has worked in the sports medicine department at the University of Notre Dame and the Olympic Training Camp in Colorado Springs.

Rebecca Bauer headshot

Rebecca Bauer DC, MSACN, BSc.

Dr. Rebecca Bauer graduated from Brock University in 2014 with a Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Sciences. She decided to pursue a chiropractic degree because chiropractic care personally helped her recover from various injuries, as a former National level gymnast. Bauer graduated from the Doctor of Chiropractic program at Northeast College of Health Sciences in 2017, as well as the Master of Science in Applied Clinical Nutrition in 2020. She began her teaching fellowship in 2017 at Northeast College of Health Sciences, prior to becoming full-time faculty in 2020. She is now full-time Clinician at the Campus Health Center at Northeast College of Health Sciences, and the lead instructor of Evidence-Based Clinical Case Management and Clinical Nutrition courses.

She pioneered the use of cupping in the curriculum and clinics, conducting various presentations on cupping and taping. She is certified in RockPods, FMT RockTape, and compression band flossing, as well as a certified instructor for Dynamic Tape. Bauer has completed additional certifications in McKenzie Method of Mechanical Diagnosis and Treatment, Functional Integrated Acupuncture/Needling, MyoMatrix 3D release technique, FAKTR, and Corrective Exercise Specialist from the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

In addition to teaching, Bauer is the lead clinician at Hobart William Smith Colleges, where she works collaboratively with the sports medicine team to treat numerous college athletes. She also practices part-time, since 2017, at the Sports Chiropractic and Performance Centre (S.C.A.P) in Niagara Falls, Canada. Dr. Bauer is passionate about lifelong learning, educating students, and helping patients improve their quality of life and obtain their individual goals. 


Applied (Pending approval): NY, PA, FL, MI, CA*+, CNS*

Approved: NCCAOM*, NJ (LCA)*

Pre-Approved: CO, CT, DE, DC, ID, IL, IN, IA, MA, MD, MT, NE, NC, ND, NH, NJ (DC only), OH, OR, RI, SC, UT, VT, VA, WA, WY, Puerto Rico, Canadian Provinces (except AB)

This course is valid for Doctor of Chiropractic CE credits in "pre-approved" states, so long as it falls within the scope of practice as outlined by the corresponding state board. It remains attendees' responsibility to contact the state board(s) from which they seek continuing education credits for purposes of ensuring said board(s) approves both the delivery method and content as they relate to this event. 
*Applied for select courses

+ Applied for California D.C. CE consideration: 

  • Spine Rehabilitation: Practical Pearls for Monday Morning
  • Helping Your Patients Improve Posture and Fight Tech Neck
  • Myofascial Cupping, Taping, and Compression Band Flossing
  • Integrating Rehab and Getting Patient Compliance for Your Chiropractic Practice
  • Metabolic Inflammatory Factors that Mimic or Contribute to NMS Disorders
  • Top 10 Reasons You are Fatigued
  • Optimal Nutrition and Supplement Strategies for Sports Related Injuries & Performance
  • Documenting the Pediatric Visit
  • How to Elevate & Modernize Your Chiropractic SOAP Notes
  • Documentation and Prevention of Medical Errors
  • Proper Utilization of CMT Codes
  • The Medicare Survival Guide - Navigating the Medicare Maze
  • Taking Your ICD-10 Coding to the Next Level

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