Northeast seeks to attract, develop and retain the highest quality staff and faculty to ensure the successful implementation of our professional degree granting programs: Doctor of Chiropractic, Master of Science in Diagnostic Imaging, Master of Science in Applied Clinical Nutrition, Master of Science in Human Anatomy and Physiology Instruction, Master of Science in Clinical Anatomy, and Bachelor of Professional Studies.

Positions Available at Northeast.

FT Faculty- Doctor of Chiropractic Program- Clinical Sciences (posted 11/22/2022)

FT Assistant Controller (posted 10/24/2022)

FT Academic Affairs Coordinator (posted 10/04/2022)

FT Admissions Counselor (posted 9/29/2022)

FT General Maintenance (posted 9/20/2022)

FT Electronic & Media Resources Librarian (posted 9/15/2022)

FT Student Activities and Professional Development Coordinator (posted 8/26/2022)

FT Director of Facilities (posted 8/19/2022)

FT Clinical Educator/ IPE Coordinator (Faculty Position) (posted 7/26/2022)

FT Master of Science in Clinical Anatomy Resident (posted 6/16/2022)

FT Plumber/HVAC Technician (posted 5/10/2022)