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Northeast has 689 students enrolled in our programs, both online and in person.
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95% of Northeast chiropractic graduates secured a position within six months of graduation.
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job growth
According to U.S. Occupational Outlook, employment for Doctorโ€™s of Chiropractic expected to increase 11% between 2020 and 2030.
Arrow pointing none 95%
95% of Northeast chiropractic graduates surveyed are in practice seven years after graduation.

The hands-on and whole-body approach at Northeast is what really appealed to me.

Marcus Paul
(D.C. โ€˜22)

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Congrats to Northeast College's seventh-trimester #chiropractic students who received their white coats as well as accolades for their uncompromising excellence during today's Fall 2022 Transitions Ceremony.  Full Post >

One of the biggest and most exciting transformations to happen at Northeast College is the day #chiropractic students earn their clinical white coats. And for our #NortheastBlue 7th-trimester D.C. students, that was TODAY during our Transitions Ceremony! Congrats on all of your hard work and dedication. Full post >

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