At Northeast, you’ll live, learn and lead.

The Northeast College of Health Sciences academic community is made up of a skilled group of professionals, dedicated to training the next generation of healthcare leaders.

Student-Faculty Mentorship.

A professor instructing students about the skull

Northeast faculty are distinguished educators who not only teach but also connect to and grow with their students. They have spent their lives attaining the highest level of education in their fields, giving their students the added benefit of being skilled practitioners in their field. They are passionate in their commitment to conducting research that impacts the quality of patient care, and they regularly present their findings at conferences and in publications. Northeast faculty are quality instructors who are committed to seeing students reach their full potential.

Student Leadership.

Northeast students prove themselves as leaders in their field long before they graduate. While still attending classes, many students prepare for future leadership roles by attending major industry events like Engage, traveling globally to represent their work, participating in workshops, attending national leadership forums, and even lobbying Congress on behalf of patients and the profession.

Northeast College campus

Northeast News

Northeast’s SACA Named Chapter of the Year at ACA Conference.

Each year the award is presented to the SACA chapter that best demonstrates extraordinary teamwork, collaboration and the commitment to further the mission, vision and values of the ACA. Northeast SACA was noted as a "positive, visible force on both the national and campus levels."

Peer Mentors.

Every incoming Northeast student is paired with an upper-trimester student of strong academic standing to serve as their peer mentor and offer a unique perspective on college life. In this mutually beneficial program, peer mentors help students navigate their academic career by sharing the resources, wisdom, experience, and advice they have gained along their own journey. Through this relationship, the bond between mentor and student is strengthened, and both acquire new skills and realize personal growth. Mentors in the program must be members of the Phi Chi Omega honor society and who have taken the offered one-credit elective opportunity. Peer mentors may hold office hours in person within the Student Engagement office area or virtually. Meeting opportunities may also be by appointment.

My favorite class to tutor is Gross Anatomy 1 because the students are extra enthusiastic and they show so much growth from the first to last week.

Jason Potash
(D.C. , '21)
A group of students reciting the chiropractic oath

Student Cohorts.

Building networks is an important piece of the Northeast experience. Student cohorts support and encourage each other as they work toward their common goals of becoming healthcare professionals and building relationships that are invaluable for success in their studies and future careers.

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Northeast alumni give back to the students who follow in their footsteps. They mentor Northeast students, act as positive role models, and provide valuable hands-on clinical experience through the College’s job-shadowing program. Alumni remain active in the Northeast community, attending Alumni Weekend and open house events, participating in strategic committees like the Northeast Alumni Advisory Council, and acting as representatives of the College through their research and ongoing professional leadership.