Study at Northeast College in Seneca Falls, New York, USA, and be ready to reimagine health the world over.

Northeast students come from all over the world, dedicated to becoming the healthcare leaders of tomorrow. Just a couple of hours from the Canadian border, Northeast College prepares its students for the board exams in both the United States and Canada.

Nearly 20 percent of current students are from Canada and many Northeast alumni have returned to their home country to open their own practice or join an integrative healthcare practice. The College has a strong network of international students and alumni currently practicing chiropractic in Canada and across the world.

Ready to take the next step to study abroad and earn your graduate degree? We can help. Northeast's experienced admissions and financial aid counselors will help you through the processes of obtaining financing for your education, issuing your I-20 paperwork and chiropractic students seeking to receive your F-1 Student Visa.

One of my major goals (after graduation) is to establish the first chiropractic college in India and bring awareness of the profession to the country. I believe in giving back to my roots and this is how I plan on doing it.

Yashvi Limbasiya
(D.C. ’25)

Doctor of Chiropractic Scholarship and Award Opportunities.

Northeast offers more than 500 scholarship awards each year, totaling almost three-quarters of a million dollars. In addition to Northeast's institutional scholarships, our students also receive private scholarship awards from individual donors, alumni, chiropractic organizations, and foundations.

On-Campus Student Employment.

We offer part-time on-campus employment opportunities for students based on position availability and skill requirements. You earn a paycheck as you work, which helps cover expenses and reduces your total borrowing.

Immigration and Visa Information.

At Northeast College of Health Sciences, applying for your student visa (Form I-20) is an easy-to-manage process.

Student Visa Process

To be issued a Federal Form I-20, you must:

  1. Be accepted into the Northeast Doctor of Chiropractic program.
  2. Submit the International Student Certification of Finances Worksheet (as provided by Admissions), along with all supporting documentation. It's best to complete this worksheet about two months before anticipated start date. However, it is possible to accelerate the process if necessary.
  3. Provide any additional required documentation as requested by Northeast's designated school official.
  4. Watch your postal mailbox for your I-20 paperwork. The Admissions Office will mail this information to students once all documentation is received and processed.
  5. Pay a SEVIS processing fee before crossing the U.S. border and provide printed proof of payment at the border.

Your student visa can be issued any time once all of this is complete, but please note that it is only valid for 30 days prior to the start of your anticipated first trimester.

Note: Canadian citizens are not required to obtain a visa at a U.S. consulate or embassy, but will be required to process the Federal I-20 Form (provided by Northeast) at the U.S. border.

Financial and Tuition Information for Canadian Students.

Canadian government and provincial student aid is available through your province. Types and amounts of aid vary by province and academic program. Northeast's Office of Financial Aid can assist you in meeting your financial obligations and encourages you to meet with a financial aid counselor early in the admissions process to discuss your financing options. Contact our Financial Aid Office or visit for more information.

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