Alumna Dana Poeta headshot
Dr. Dana Poeta says she has grown as a practitioner since graduation because "learning never ends, but I would absolutely say that I was very well prepared when I left NYCC (now Northeast College)," said Dana Poeta

Meet Dana Poeta, D.C. '16

Hometown: North Bay, ON
Undergrad degree: Honours Specialization degree and master's degree in Kinesiology, Western University

Dana Poeta (D.C. '16) remembers NYCC, now Northeast College,  as more than the college that fully prepared her for her successful career – one that has taken her from working with spinal cord injuries in the hospital setting to tending to athletes on the sidelines of various elite sports teams. Professional athletes, even, personally seek her out.

When Dr. Poeta recalls life at the College, she has fond memories of professors going the extra mile to help her scour the details of job offers she received, and faculty and classmates who would help watch her rescue pup, Max, when she worked long shifts at the VA hospital or took Canadian board exams.

“I worked in the admissions office as a student and some of the admissions counselors even helped take care of Max when I needed help,” Poeta said. “I felt like so many people were there for me and supported me through the entire process."

Before she came to the College, Poeta graduated from Western University in London, Ontario, Canada, with an Honours Specialization degree in Kinesiology and a master’s degree in Kinesiology. Now she is an independent contractor at Modern Health and Performance, in London and has a passion for treating sports injuries of both the spine and extremities.

"I loved NYCC (now Northeast College ). I had an amazing experience and it gave me
the foundation to build a career in a field that I am
extremely passionate about."

Five Questions with Dr. Dana Poeta (D.C. ‘16)

1.)Why did you choose NYCC (now Northeast College)?
During undergrad, I had a summer job as a chiropractic assistant. The chiropractor I worked for highly recommended NYCC. The more I looked into the school the more I felt like it was the right place for me. When I went to visit the campus, I was very impressed with how friendly and welcoming everyone was. NYCC just seemed like the perfect fit for me.

2.)How did NYCC prepare you for your career?
I felt very well prepared for a career in chiropractic upon graduation. I spent a lot of time in open adjusting as a student and always enjoyed learning clinical pearls from the docs. Upon graduation, I was not only confident in my adjusting skills but also my ability to diagnose and determine appropriate treatment protocols for patients.

3.)What were your favorite classes?
Anatomy dissection was amazing. I loved Correlative Patient Assessment (CPA) and all patient assessment courses, especially the exams. The cumulative classes in upper tri were so helpful at preparing me for my career.

4.)What surprised you about NYCC?
I think I was very surprised at how much NYCC felt like its own little community. I always had this idea that chiropractic school would feel very isolated because of the long hours of classes and long hours of studying. Teachers, classmates and staff on campus were very involved and welcoming. There was a great support system. I also ended up just loving Seneca Falls. It was such a cute little town with so much character.

5.)Tell us a little bit about the community you experienced?
There are so many stories of times people went out of their way to help me while I was at NYCC. There were so many docs that went above and beyond to make sure they were always available to help. Many times, they would stay late to help with adjusting or let me pick their brain about how they would treat certain injuries clinically. I felt like so many people were there for me and supporting me through the entire process.