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A Message from Northeast College President Dr. Michael Mestan

President Mike Mestan, D.C., Ed.D. headshot

I am honored to share with you that New York Chiropractic College is now Northeast College of Health Sciences.

This is a momentous event in the history of our College, and one that has long been considered. In service to the NYCC BLUEprint Strategic Plan 2018-2021, in late 2018 and early 2019, the College conducted significant research on how our institutional name might best reflect the collaborative, diverse, interprofessional education our College provides students. After receiving input from many stakeholders, including faculty, staff, students and alumni, in June 2019 the College’s Board of Trustees voted unanimously for a name change. Though the process was put on a short hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the College was then granted authorization by New York State in June 2021 to henceforth be known as Northeast College of Health Sciences.

Over the past 102 years, our College’s proud legacy of chiropractic excellence has remained steadfast, even as we have evolved into three different campus homes and three different organizational names. Now, as Northeast College continues to embrace change and provide space for new collaborations and opportunities, we look eagerly toward our future as a distinguished college of health sciences with a renowned chiropractic program always at its core.

These are exciting times for Northeast, and I hope, like me, you are proud to be part of an institution in the midst of real, meaningful transformation. I am grateful that our whole community is moving forward together as we continue on this path of healthcare education excellence.

Dr. Michael Mestan

President, Northeast College of Health Sciences

History of the College

  • 1919 

    The Columbia Institute of Chiropractic (CIC) is founded by Frank Dean in a four-story building on Manhattan's West 71st Street.

  • 1977
    Columbia Institute of Chiropractic (CIC) changes its name to New York Chiropractic College (NYCC) and gains recognition from the New York State Board of Regents.

  • 1980
    NYCC moves from Manhattan to a larger campus on Long Island, and opens its outpatient clinic in Levittown, N.Y.

  • 1991
    NYCC moves to Seneca Falls, N.Y., into the campus space that was formerly the home of Eisenhower College.

  • 2019
    The College turns 100.

  • 2021
    NYCC officially becomes Northeast College of Health Sciences.


Almost two years ago we conducted significant research on how the College’s name might best reflect our goal of providing a collaborative, diverse, interprofessional education to build our graduates’ competitive, professional edge. As part of this process, we requested input from many stakeholders, including faculty, staff, students, and alumni. This work culminated in a recommendation to rename our institution Northeast College of Health Sciences.

The Northeast College of Health Sciences name reflects the College’s commitment to richly educating our students to be the most powerfully prepared integrated healthcare leaders of tomorrow.

In this way, future Northeast students can find and connect with the College around the diverse programs they seek, feel represented by an institution that supports a strong range of healthcare professions, and have pride in their alma mater as they enjoy future success.

As always, Northeast remains committed to its strong foundation of chiropractic. Throughout our history, the chiropractic program has been an important part of the College’s identity. As we continue to educate our students to be leaders in an ever-more diverse variety of healthcare disciplines, it is fitting that our strong history of academic excellence in chiropractic will remain as our College’s core.

Moving forward, the diploma from Northeast College of Health Sciences will be our primary, official diploma. Students graduating between Spring 2021 and Spring 2024 who matriculated under the name “New York Chiropractic College” will receive both a Northeast diploma featuring the notation “formerly New York Chiropractic College” discretely located at the bottom as well as an NYCC display certificate. In Fall of 2024, graduates will automatically receive the Northeast diploma only.

The name change has no impact on your degree at all – though our name has changed, the excellent graduate-level education you received has not. All degrees earned from New York Chiropractic College are still valid and are not impacted by the College’s new name.

Yes! Northeast will provide a diploma featuring the College’s new name with the notation “Formerly New York Chiropractic College” to alumni who request one. If you are interested in obtaining a Northeast College of Health Sciences diploma reflecting your previously earned degree at our College, we will be pleased to provide our alumni with a complimentary copy through December 31, 2021. To request, please contact 315.568.3058, or Northeast College of Health Sciences / Registrar's Office / 2360 State Rte. 89 / Seneca Falls, N.Y. 13148.