Earning your Doctor of Chiropractic degree from a top school, one with a rigorous academic and clinical program, will of course be demanding. But grad school life doesn’t have to be overly complex, costly or stressful. Case in point:  Northeast College of Health Sciences and the new on-campus housing and dining package that provides students with significant savings in both money and time.

Save big on housing while earning your chiropractic degree.

The campus living package at Northeast College costs just $623 per month for your room and meal plan combined as of Fall 2023. Compare that to living off campus in the area around the College, which can cost almost $1000 a month or more for a one-bedroom apartment and groceries. That’s nearly a 40% savings!

Now, contrast those figures with the off-campus living costs* at other colleges offering chiropractic degrees and the comparison is even more striking. A one-bedroom apartment, plus groceries, near D’Youville University is roughly $1229 monthly, and $1051/month near Palmer College. Close to Logan University, the approximate monthly cost rises to $1747, while in Marietta, Ga., home to Life University, the combined rent and food total can hit $1800+. Take a peek at a longer list, and you’ll see that Northeast’s on-campus housing costs are beyond cost-effective:

Affordable Northeast College on-campus housing + dining plan: $623/mo.

Higher average costs for rent + groceries* in:

  • $977/mo.: Seneca Falls, N.Y. local region
  • $1051/mo.: Davenport, Iowa
  • $1229/mo.: Buffalo, N.Y.
  • $1710/mo.: Dallas, Texas
  • $1747/mo.: Chesterfield, Mo.
  • $1836/mo.: Marietta, Ga.
  • $1882/mo.: Whittier, Calif.
graphic depicting $623 monthly cost of living at Northeast College compared to other regions all over a thousand dollars


In fact, the total cost of living off campus may be even higher than that after you add in furnishings, high-speed internet access, on-site laundry and parking — all of which are included in the on-campus living package at Northeast College.

A recent Northeast College grad got more out of living on campus — for less.

Lowering the cost of chiropractic education is just one part of the picture; Northeast College is also committed to constantly improving the student experience. And according to one recent graduate, that may be the biggest benefit of living on campus.

Romney Leveille (D.C. ’23) says, “I knew this was going to be a rigorous D.C. program, so living on campus took a lot of stress off. I didn’t have to deal with a landlord, rent payments… or shoveling snow! Living on campus made it simple for me to navigate everything that I needed to do to succeed in the program.

Also, I'm someone who likes to interact with people, to have a group that can talk about school and support each other.  Living on campus made that extremely easy. There was a lot of camaraderie that came with being on campus which you just don't really get being off-site.”

And the food? “The dining hall was amazing,” according to this newly minted doctor of chiropractic. “I had access to food all the time, and those sweet potato fries…it was a running joke between me and the faculty that those got me through the first trimester.”

Choose to live on campus now and reap long-term rewards.

Dr. Leveille goes on to say, “If I had to urge everyone to make a decision, it would be 1000% to live on campus.” That’s not surprising. After all, campus living at Northeast was designed to provide:

  • Significantly lower student costs for both housing and food.
  • A simplified lifestyle to help prevent stress and let you concentrate on your studies.
  • Easier access to classes, labs, faculty and student support services.
  • Expanded access to recreational and social activities.
  • Relationship-building opportunities.

That last point was and is of special value to Dr. Leveille. He is quick to emphasize that, “Having the opportunity to forge relationships with people you’re going to move forward with the rest of your career — as colleagues, as people you’ll turn to for advice — that’s huge. I can’t imagine anybody not opting to live on-campus here.”

Learn more about the “suite” life at Northeast College.

To find out more about the  affordable suite-style housing and diverse food options at Northeast College, please visit our housing and dining page, or email the Office of Student Engagement.

* Information from apartments.com for rent for a 1-bedroom apartment, and from USDA.gov’s average monthly cost for a moderate-level, single-person grocery budget, as of Feb. 2023.