With one of the leading Doctor of Chiropractic programs in the country, Northeast College of Health Sciences powerfully prepares you for success as a chiropractic professional. Our students gain deep scientific knowledge, become experts in adjusting techniques, and are well-versed in the practical realities of developing a healthcare career.

But what does it really take to start your career, manage a practice, build a professional network and stay at the forefront of your chosen role as a healthcare provider? It takes support at every step, which is exactly what Northeast College makes available for all students.

Our commitment to developing your healthcare career.
Many academic institutions see career development as a two-step process: step one, earn your degree; step two, find work. At Northeast College, we approach it as three integrated phases:

  1. Professional development begins at enrollment.
  2. Approaching graduation, career preparation accelerates to high gear.
  3. Learning and networking are lifelong, post-graduation. 

Phase one: Professional preparation throughout your time at Northeast College.
This phase of becoming a doctor of chiropractic has many steps, which can start as soon as the first day of your first trimester. Simply connect with the College's professional development coordinator, located in the Office of Student Engagement. This early connection is designed to identify and answer future-focused career questions, such as when a student will be able to get clinical or internship experiences.

In support of your career development, the Northeast College coursework philosophy, from classroom to clinic, is thoroughly focused on helping students succeed as doctors of chiropractic. As Carol Faivre, executive director of the Office of Student Engagement, puts it, "The learning experiences at Northeast College are so much more than just academic. Think about our anatomy labs, where you have to work in a team, be respectful of each other's input and learn to effectively collaborate. Though this is an academic environment, it is also an experience that is 100% translatable to career readiness."

Student clubs are part of career preparation at Northeast College, too. When you participate in club activities -- from service events to guest speakers and in-person gatherings -- you'll be exposed to new ideas surrounding specific chiropractic career paths. You'll also start building your professional network. As Faivre adds, "Engagement with clubs can even be a pathway to deciding what kind of practice to pursue."

Phase two: Career development as you approach graduation.
In the seventh trimester, Northeast College students are hands-on with patients at the Campus Health Center, gaining professional confidence as you participate in delivering evidence-informed patient care. In the classroom, from the seventh through tenth semesters, you'll also be learning business essentials, including:

  • Guidance on how to get into practice.
  • Skills and competencies required to run a successful practice.
  • Business strategies and planning concepts.
  • Introduction to coding and billing.

In the eighth through tenth semesters, student clinical experiences provide exceptionally deep preparation for success as a practitioner. These culminate in a year-long, immersive clinical clerkship at one of College's three outpatient health centers in New York state -- in Seneca Falls, Depew (Buffalo) and Levittown (Long Island).

As faculty clinicians mentor student clerks maturing into capable care providers, the Office of Student Engagement continues to assist in preparing for your entry into the workforce. You'll be encouraged to seek personalized assistance in fine-tuning your resume, writing effective cover letters, learning how to interview and locating job openings. 

As part of this service, Northeast College maintains a proprietary online Career Opportunities Database (populated by alumni and select, invited practitioners and organizations) which contains thousands of job openings. In addition to being a searchable job resource open 24/7 to current and recently graduated students, the database also forms the foundation of our new virtual career fairs, where students can get their resumes -- and themselves -- in front of practitioners and organizations who are ready to hire.

Phase three: Building your career after graduation.
Professional development isn't, of course, just about starting a career. It's about progressively and continually building one -- expanding both your knowledge and horizons.

While you're a student at Northeast College, you'll be able to continually deepen your expertise via our Frank J. Nicchi School of Continuing Education, where you may take most courses for free. As a Doctor of Chiropractic program alumnus, you'll have access to over 100 live and 120+ online recorded webinars, free of charge for two years after graduation. After that time, you can continue on your path of lifelong learning by taking continuing education classes through the College at 10% alumni discount for select courses.

You'll also be part of an alumni network of 10,000+ healthcare professionals across the U.S., Canada and beyond, industry leaders who know firsthand the quality of your education. Our alumni relations department actively cultivates connections via alumni gatherings, speaking opportunities, events and social media.

Get in touch with your future.
Every journey to professional success is highly personal. To take the first step on your unique path: set up a personal conversation with an admissions counselor at Northeast College of Health Sciences.