At Northeast College of Health Sciences, the Master of Science in Applied Clinical Nutrition (ACN) program features a clinically focused curriculum that integrates nutrition knowledge with clinical application and uses a science-based, whole-foods approach to nutrition. That means we teach students to dive deep into each patient's habits and history to make an individualized plan using a whole-food diet and nutritional supplementation to attain peak health.

Throughout your time at Northeast, you will learn how to make functional assessments of dietary needs to develop these targeted nutritional strategies. These practical assessments will allow you to help optimize health and assist with preventing common chronic diseases.

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Before starting your journey to becoming a clinical nutritionist, there are a few required courses. While requirements vary by institution, at Northeast College of Health Sciences we hold a 9-bioscience requirement, meaning you must complete 9 credit hours in science-based coursework during your undergraduate term. Students looking for the CNS credential are recommended to have completed an anatomy and physiology course of 3 credit hours or more, chemistry (preferably combined inorganic/organic), or an introductory nutrition course. During undergraduate studies, Northeast requires that every candidate's grade point average be 2.5 or higher (on a 4.0 scale). Lastly, while a healthcare or science background is not required, it is highly recommended to garner the most from the MSACN program.

Program Coursework

Students typically enroll in six credit hours of coursework during each 15-week trimester over two years. Coursework covers macro-and micronutrients, nutritional assessment, the use of herbs, therapeutic nutrition, and the effects that human behaviors and drug-induced nutritional depletions may have on wellness. To achieve that well-rounded approach, Northeast College of Health Sciences also includes more specialized courses in our curriculum, including "Clinical Sports Nutrition" and "Professionalism and Ethics."

The Online Experience

Flexibility is abundant when it comes to Northeast's Applied Clinical Nutrition program. Our online program teaches a clinically focused curriculum that integrates nutrition knowledge with clinical application. This curriculum is offered 100% online and can be completed in as little as 2 years. This part-time, flexible study allows you to maintain your current employment and earn your degree simultaneously. Because of its remote nature, the ACN program has curated faculty from around the country, offering students optimal education.


As a regionally accredited master's degree, the ACN program meets most of the didactic requirements to sit for several important national certification exams. These national certifications include Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS), Certified Clinical Nutritionist (CCN), Diplomate for the American Clinical Board of Nutrition (DACBN), Diplomate for the Chiropractic Board of Clinical Nutrition (DCBCN). (Note: the MSACN program is not designed to lead to the Registered Dietician (RD) credential.)

What Our Graduates Do

While there are many possibilities with an Master of Science degree in applied clinical nutrition, our graduates often open a private practice post-graduation. There are many additional avenues to take, including joining an existing healthcare practice, working in the supplement industry, or even teaching as an adjunct instructor. The M.S. in applied clinical nutrition might also be a stepping stone on your path to pursuing doctoral training. Whatever your future looks like, know that our program will leave you equipped to design personalized prevention, treatment, and intervention programs.

Northeast College of Health Sciences takes pride in its science-based, whole-food approaches to clinical nutrition. Our ACN program prepares graduates to clinically assess individuals for nutritional imbalances and apply evidence-based therapeutic interventions. Our well-rounded approach will help prepare you to interact professionally and ethically within an integrative healthcare environment. If you are interested in learning more about Northeast's M.S. degree in applied clinical nutrition, visit our program page or contact us today.