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Northeast College of Health Sciences has launched a new strategic plan outlining its goals and priorities for the next five years: Northeast College BLUEprint: Charting the Course 2023-2028.

The College’s new plan builds on the success of the previous strategic plan (concluded in 2023), drawing inspiration from past achievements while moving forward towards even greater success as leaders in healthcare education. 

Northeast College President Dr. Michael Mestan, along with senior staff, presented the BLUEprint plan to employees on Sept. 12, 2023, sharing key strategies and answering questions. 

“I am excited about this plan, which upholds the values of our College and will open opportunities for our existing community, future students and the future of healthcare education," said Dr. Mestan. “As we continue to shape our future together, our latest BLUEprint will define the path and help us achieve even more great things.”

The College's Board of Trustee members, faculty, administrators, staff, students and alumni all participated in the development of the new strategic plan, and the plan is rooted in the community's shared dedication to academic excellence, leadership and professional best practices. Key strategic focus areas of the plan include:

  • Advancing academic excellence.
  • Building enrollment through strategic marketing and recruitment practices.
  • Campus master planning, infrastructure and sustainability, development.
  • Promoting institutional growth and campus enhancement.
  • Optimizing operational and financial efficiencies and effectiveness & taking actions to ensure current and future sustainability.
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View the full Northeast College BLUEprint: Charting the Course 2023-2028 online

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