Northeast College's anatomage table with a group of people standing around it.

Northeast Provides One of the Most Varied Learning Environments in Chiropractic Education

In addition to time-honored traditional tools such as two-dimensional anatomy atlases and human cadaveric dissection used to train future healthcare experts, Northeast College of Health Sciences also has now added the latest cutting-edge technology to its outstanding educational experience -- the touchscreen Anatomage Table. 

"Northeast is always enhancing our programs' curriculum and learning environments to ensure student access to the best evidence-based knowledge and healthcare education available," said Northeast College President Dr. Michael Mestan. "We are pleased to offer yet another method to help develop and enhance our students' understanding of human anatomy -- a crucial component of being an excellent healthcare provider."

Billed as "the world's first virtual dissection table," Anatomage tables are fully segmented real human 3D anatomy systems. Users can interact via touch to intensely explore the structures of the human body through interactive visualization, videos, advanced imaging and more. The table has features that allow instructors to show anatomical structures from multiple views alongside radiological imaging or histology, as well as integrate a large library of case studies into instruction. 

"The Anatomage Table brings many educational advantages in addition to being the latest technology," said Dr. Robyn Wakefield-Murphy, assistant professor in Northeast's Foundational Sciences Department. "The integration of this technology on our campus is a wonderful opportunity for our students and faculty to foster active learning in multiple degree programs."

Northeast students will be able to use this new technology for class activities, case studies, board exam preparation and tutoring, Wakefield-Murphy added. 

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