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It is well known that Northeast College of Health Sciences has one of the most rigorous academic programs in chiropractic education, with many students noting that one of the reasons they choose Northeast is to ensure strong preparation for the national chiropractic board exams.

The latest board exam scores, released by the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners (NBCE)  on March 21, 2023, show Northeast College students continue to receive high scores on the exams, required for chiropractic licensure in all U.S. states, plus Washington, D.C., Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. Northeast College students received an 89% first-time pass rate on the NBCE Part II exam, compared to the national average first-time pass rate of 75% among chiropractic programs. Similarly, in January 2023, Northeast College students exceeded the national average first-time pass rate by 11% on NBCE part I.

Alumna Dr. Annie Reyes (D.C. ’13), who opened her own practice, Reyes Active Body Chiropractic with her husband after graduation, said she chose the College because its students had the highest board scores. “[It was] great preparation for passing the national boards and state examinations. The program gave us the step-by-step confidence to understand the human body, doctor-patient communication, and chiropractic adjusting techniques.”

Northeast Commitment to Excellence.

graph showing first-time pass rates of the NBCE exams. 81% at Northeast compared to 69% at other programs for part one, and 89% at Northeast compared to 75% at other programs for part 2.
Northeast students 2023 first-time pass rate on NBCE exams outperformed other programs, 81% compared to 69.7% on Part I and 89.2% compared to 75.9% on part II

The national testing agency for the chiropractic profession, NBCE offers the multi-part board test in basic sciences (Part I), clinical sciences (Part II), clinical competency (Part III), practical skills (Part IV), and physiotherapy (PHT). The first-time pass rate of these exams for Northeast students is regularly high and above the national average for chiropractic institutions.

Our experienced faculty often place special emphasis on subjects that may be asked during the board exams. The program also provides additional resources to help students prepare to sit for the exams. That level of commitment translates to positive results, exceeding the national first-time pass rate by 3% for all parts over a 3-year period*.

“We are proud of our students, their commitment to the program and for putting in the hard work to consistently earn high marks on their board exams. We are also proud of the expert faculty who educate them,” said Northeast College President Dr. Michael Mestan. “The steadfast above-average scores that our students earn are a true testament to the strength of our program as it powerfully prepares future healthcare leaders.”

* NBCE first-time pass rates three-year average (2020-22)


National Board of Chiropractic Examiners - First Time Pass Rates

3-year average (2020-22)
  US Programs Northeast College
NBCE Part I 68.3% 68.5%
NBCE Part II 66.8% 74.2%
NBCE Part III 76.9% 80.5%
NBCE Part IV 90.5% 90.7%
NBCE Physiotherapy 89.2% 93.5%
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