Kenneth Padgett, Frank Nicchi, Michael Mestan, Jason Brown, Louis Lupinacci, Bruce Silber, and Mariangela Penna
Pictured left to right: Kenneth Padgett, Frank Nicchi, Michael Mestan, Jason Brown, Louis Lupinacci, Bruce Silber, and Mariangela Penna

Three NYCC presidents, former and present, were honored for their contributions to the chiropractic profession at the semi-annual New York State Chiropractic Association (NYSCA) general meeting held in Syracuse on November 4th, 2017. The meeting was the first NYSCA conference held upstate in more than a decade and it was well attended. Drs. Kenneth Padgett (NYCC president from 1989-2000), Dr. Frank Nicchi (NYCC President from 2000-2017) and Dr. Michael Mestan (newly invested as NYCC sixth president) were presented awards of appreciation from NYSCA president and NYCC 2006 grad, Dr. Jason Brown.

Dr. Michael Mestan headshot

Mestan focused on the advantages of professional unity, saying: "[Those] who will benefit from such cooperation... are our patients who will get better care, and more of it from New York State licensed Doctors of Chiropractic.As the invited Keynote Speaker, Dr. Mestan recounted NYCC's growth and professional leadership and issued a call to action. "NYCC's efforts alone will not be enough, though. Now more than ever, we as a profession, need a strong, unified voice that represents our shared values. Now more than ever, we as chiropractors need to encourage our colleagues to become active in their state and national associations. Professional apathy is a dangerous foe and so is divisiveness."

Dr. Nicchi and Jason Brown holding a plaque

Mestan's call to action was met with enthusiastic applause when he challenged attendees. "Will you be a part of that effort? Will you put aside differences and build on shared values? Now is the time to do it. Indeed, it is long overdue."He also noted the benefits to graduates who "...will see more of the public access the chiropractic care they'll provide."

He offered praise to NYSCA and New York Chiropractic Council leaders for "...making a good faith effort, showing some professional trust, and working together on the scope modernization issue."

Dr. Padgett and Jason Brown holding a plaque

Mestan concluded his remarks: "As NYCC approaches its 100th anniversary in 2019, we embrace our legacy even as we look toward the future. As a profession in the state of New York, let's embrace the good things in our legacy -- the times when we were able to put aside professional differences and embrace that which brings us together as we move into the future. As a wise US President, John F. Kennedy, said in an address before the Canadian Parliament in Ottawa in 1961: 'What unites us is far greater than what divides us.'"

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