Complete your undergraduate studies and earn a life sciences degree in the Bachelor of Professional Studies program.

Northeast's Bachelor of Professional Studies (BPS) program is available to Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.) students who have not yet completed their baccalaureate degree, required in some states for licensure. The BPS and D.C. degrees are earned concurrently, and the BPS also enables graduates to be eligible for licensure in jurisdictions where a baccalaureate degree is required.

At the end of the BPS's 123 credit-hour program, successful students will receive an accredited baccalaureate degree with a major in life sciences.

Why the Bachelor of Professional Studies program at Northeast?

Students complete their undergraduate studies and program earn a life sciences degree with a high-quality education focused on preparing them to work and communicate collaboratively in an interdisciplinary healthcare setting.

Our graduates are able to:

  • Integrate previously acquired concepts and principles of the basic sciences and natural healthcare philosophies to strengthen the correlation of patient-centered care associated with complementary and alternative medicine therapies.
  • Analyze and synthesize the roles of complementary and alternative medicine and allopathic practices in integrative healthcare settings.
  • Describe the accepted definitions of various healthcare therapies, their scientific theories, and the potential benefits obtained by the therapies.
  • Research and evaluate information related to complementary and alternative medicine therapies that have an impact on patient-centered care.
  • Utilize effective written and verbal skills to communicate concepts related to complementary and alternative medicine and allopathic practices.
  • Demonstrate professional behavior in an educational integrative healthcare learning environment.

  • Completion of 90 undergraduate credits, including 33 credits in liberal arts and science courses
  • Completion of 30 approved credits* taken at Northeast within the D.C. curriculum (from among the following: Cell and Tissue Biology, Gross Anatomy I, Gross Anatomy II, Gross Anatomy III, Neuroscience I, Neuroscience II, Principles of Biochemistry, Biochemistry of Nutrition/Metabolism, Systems Physiology, Clinical Microbiology, Environmental Health, Basic Human Nutrition I, Basic Human Nutrition II)
  • Completion of the three-credit capstone course, Integrative Healthcare (BPS 4000).

* A grade of C or better must be earned in each Northeast course to be counted for credit toward the BPS degree. Full-time doctor of chiropractic students become eligible after successful completion of all third-trimester chiropractic coursework AND the required 30 credits of Northeast basic science coursework.


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