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November 2019 - Welcome to The Pursuit, the newsletter for alumni of New York Chiropractic College. Each trimester, The Pursuit will share the latest NYCC news and initiatives, highlight great events, and tell the stories of outstanding NYCC students, faculty, staff, and alumni as they pursue academic excellence, leadership, and professional best practices.

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President Mike Mestan, D.C., Ed.D.

As we close out our College's Centennial year, we also celebrate another momentous occasion: the successful completion of Year One of our three-year strategic plan, the NYCC BLUEprint. And the progress we've made toward our goals in this first year of the BLUEprint is evident as we look around the College, to be certain. From our refreshed Anatomy Lab space and replanting of several hundred trees and flora native to the Finger Lakes region, to the beginning formation of a 10-year academic program growth plan and new collaborations with other colleges that provide students the strong undergraduate backgrounds needed to become outstanding healthcare professionals here at NYCC, it is clear that we are building a strong foundation for the College's next 100 years. We're so grateful to be here, with you, at this exciting time for the College, and we are looking forward to all of the great things that we are accomplishing together. Cheers to 100 years, and to being #NYCCBlue, always.

President Mike Mestan, D.C., Ed.D.

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True Blue: The People of NYCC

Dr. Jack Barnathan, D.C. '84

Dr. Jack Barnathan headshot

As a student at NYCC, Jack Barnathan, D.C. '84, developed a deep commitment to providing a holistic approach to health and wellness, as well as a devotion to the fight against drug abuse. Opening his practice on Long Island, Barnathan served patients ranging from Olympic and pro athletes to performing artists. Wanting to spread his message of natural health and holistic fitness to even more people, he became a guest lecturer, speaking at the Kennedy Space Center and to members of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. He has received support from many leaders, including Arnold Schwarzenegger, former governor of California, who backed his idea for a symposium on natural fitness for elite athletes and fitness professionals — now the ICA Annual Arnold Symposium on Natural Fitness, celebrating its 27th year. Barnathan also received the Certificate of Merit, presented by President George W. Bush, who stated: "Your efforts profoundly influence the life of our community and are a shining example for us all." Read more alumni stories

Karyn Marshall, D.C. '93

Karyn Marshall, D.C. '93

Registered nurse.  Strongest Woman in the World. Doctor of Chiropractic. NYCC alumna. Holding many titles in her life, Karyn Marshall, D.C. '93, enjoys introducing people to the "secret weapon" that has assisted her success: chiropractic.  Dr. Marshall has turned to chiropractic care for both mental and physical support. It has helped her compete as a world-class athlete and also played a role in her recovery from cancer. Marshall refers to chiropractic care as the "ultimate mind-body treatment." Her first treatment came a few weeks before a national weightlifting competition. In extreme pain from an injury, Marshall was prescribed pain pills by her doctor and told to rest and not to compete. She reached out to a fellow competitor, also a chiropractor. He adjusted Marshall — not only was her pain relieved, she also competed at the national level and won. Marshall's conviction to chiropractic began and she has been treating patients with fellow NYCC alumnus Dennis Cronk, D.C. '93, at their general chiropractic care practice Champion Health for 25 years. Read more alumni stories

Jeana Voorhies, D.C. '01, Educational Administrator / Assistant Professor

Jeana Voorhies, D.C. '01, Educational Administrator / Assistant Professor headshot

Jeana Voorhies, D.C. '01, knew that teaching was in her blood. As much as she loves caring for patients, Voorhies felt like something was missing. "When the opportunity arose to join the amazing faculty here at NYCC, I jumped at the chance," said Voorhies, an educational administrator and assistant professor at the College for five years, who recently received NYCC's Faculty Excellence Award. The annual honor acknowledges exemplary professors for their significant contribution to teaching students who become quality healthcare professionals. She first learned about chiropractic care as a high school and college athlete seeking treatment for her own injuries. The natural approach to healing and pursuing optimal health resonated with Voorhies. "It just fit so well with my own beliefs," she said. Looking to pursue a career in chiropractic, Voorhies visited NYCC from Pennsylvania. She fell in love with the beauty and serenity of the campus, Seneca Falls and the Finger Lakes region. She was also excited about the rigor of the curriculum. "NYCC stood above all other colleges for me with regard to academics, experiences and location." Read more alumni stories

Chris White, D.C. '20

Chris White, D.C. '20

After earning a bachelor's degree in human kinetics at the University of Guelph in 2016, Ontario, Canada, native Chris White went on to complete his master's degree in neurophysiology. Participating in a magnet program in high school, Chris shadowed several doctors for a week at his local hospital. He soon realized that medial doctors did not have as much patient interaction as he was looking for in his future profession. He was encouraged to shadow the chiropractor who was treating him routinely to see if he might prefer a career in chiropractic — and happily, he did! Since enrolling at NYCC, Chris's favorite classes have been about technique, with Extremities Technique taught by Dr. Emily Canfield topping his list. Once Chris graduates he plans to associate at an office in Brantford, Ontario, and then move to British Columbia to work with family. Read more student stories