Ashley Williams headshot wearing a white coat
While at Northeast College, Ashley Williams was the legislative representative of the College’s Student American Chiropractic Association chapter.

Meet Ashley Williams (D.C. '20)

Hometown: Oklahoma City

Undergrad degree: bachelor's degrees in engineering physics (Jacksonville University) and civil engineering (Columbia University)

As a professional “ninja-in-residence,” Ashley Williams (D.C. ’20) used to teach children to maneuver obstacle courses at the Brooklyn Zoo. She was, after all, a two-time competitor on “American Ninja Warrior,” the popular, high-octane TV series.

In addition to being an intense competitor, Williams is a natural explorer, a self-professed “geek,” licensed massage therapist, certified personal trainer and business owner of Life Key Chiropractic in Arlington, Virginia. While attending Northeast she was also a student clerk at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

Ashley's journey to Northeast.

Williams's desire to live pain free also established her professional path. A track star in high school, Williams suffered from hip and spinal pain that was frequent and often debilitating.

A National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) athlete, Williams ran track at both universities she attended. Throughout this time, she consistently sought medical advice to help ease her pain. She was told that surgery or rest for recovery were her only options.

Still looking for answers, Williams, (D.C. ’20) visited a New York City-based chiropractor, NYCC (now Northeast College) alumna Dr. Ellen Coyne, D.C. '84. This meeting put Williams on two parallel paths: 1.) to finally learning what her pain was and how to manage it, and 2.) to fulfilling her desire to learn more about body mechanics.

“(Dr. Coyne) was surprised at how much I already knew about the body,” Williams said about her mentor, who suggested Williams visit the College's Seneca Falls campus to learn about the chiropractic program. Within a month, Williams applied to the College; she started classes just a few months later.

“I really connected with my professors. They were so encouraging. As a student employee working in the financial aid office, I also met a lot of the staff and they were equally encouraging,” Williams said. “The community is much more than the students; it's also the faculty and administration.”

Awards and Leadership Roles:

2020 NBCE Student Representative Scholarship

2020 FCLB’s Dr. Wayne C. Wolfson Regulatory Scholarship

2019 Dr. Lloyd E. Henby Distinguished Service Award

2018 Research Symposium presenter

Founding President of Students for Social Diversity Awareness

Truly, make the most of your years here. Be purposeful with your time. There are so many benefits that you can really immerse yourself in at Northeast. You can choose what path is right for you.

What Ashley loves about Northeast

Ashley Williams holding a replica spine
Ashley Williams moved from New York City, which she had fallen in love with, to Seneca Falls to further pursue her fascination of learning about the human body.

Holding both a bachelor's degree in engineering physics (Jacksonville University) and civil engineering (Columbia University), Ashley decided to once again further her education when she saw all that Northeast had to offer. What sold her was the College’s’ biomechanics and motion analysis lab, where Williams has participated in and led research projects.

Once on campus, Williams said it was the peace and serenity of the setting that allowed her to focus mentally, spiritually and emotionally for success. "Seeing the sunrise outside of my bedroom window became one of my favorite things," Williams said, adding that the simple life was exactly what she needed to immerse herself in her academic life.