Bridget Ivanyi posing near a garden on campus

Meet Bridget Ivanyi.

Hometown: Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Education: bachelor’s degree in health sciences, University of Western Ontario 

Like many Northeast chiropractic students and graduates, Bridget Ivanyi (D.C. ’24) had an eye-opening experience with chiropractic care that inspired her to adjust her planned future in healthcare.

“I originally wanted to become a medical doctor, specializing in pediatrics,” she says. “However, after suffering with injuries from a car accident, I was exposed to a variety of different complementary healthcare professions—including chiropractic.”

She had gone to chiropractors previously for wellness checkups. But her post-accident care was unlike anything she had experienced. Her initial treatment plan included physiotherapy, occupational therapy and functional strengthening up to three time a week, which she did for more than two months. Then a friend suggested Ivanyi add chiropractic care to help heal her soft-tissue injuries.

“My chiropractor treated my injuries as a whole and acknowledged that it was okay to have leftover psychological impacts. He influenced me to contact a professional to discuss the emotional obstacles I had acquired,” Ivanyi said. This extensive care “spiked a new curiosity and interest in the wide scope of chiropractic care and the profession in general.”

Ivanyi knew she would still pursue a career in healthcare, but as a chiropractor and not a medical doctor. “I liked the way my chiropractor treated my injuries as something that was a part of me and not something that had simply happened to me in the past,” she said. “At the time I felt the symptoms almost every day and was often  reminded through certain movements or everyday occurrences. With chiropractic care I was able to get back to my old self.” 

Chiropractor in Training, Leader in the Making.

In her time at Northeast, Ivanyi has become a campus leader as vice president of the Student Government Association (SGA). She is also a peer mentor, offering her fellow students practical advice on academics and student life. If all that—along with her classes—isn’t enough, she is also a student ambassador who hosts prospective student tours, speaks at open houses, and hosts tours of the Anatomy Center’s cadaver lab.

Despite her packed schedule, Ivanya finds time to have a positive impact on the Northeast community. “As SGA vice president I have had the opportunity to be involved in hands-on experiences to change or improve the student experience at Northeast,” she says. “This includes becoming a student voice in the D.C. effectiveness committee, assisting in the creation of the new virtual orientation, revising and implementing an online structure of student clubs, and as a student representative in a working group for the College’s accreditation.”

The Northeast community is extremely welcoming and inclusive. My fellow students are constantly trying to help individuals in trimesters above and below them.

Quick Questions for Doctor of Chiropractic Student Bridget Ivanyi.

It sounds like the College has given its student leaders a voice, and that you have participated in helping shape the Northeast experience. How does Northeast include its students?
Northeast provides opportunities by asking for student representatives for a variety of roles, including sitting on committees and assisting with projects. It can be daunting to start a new path or join a new club. I became an SGA class representative my second trimester. Through this opportunity a variety of other doors have opened, and this has allowed me to become more involved at Northeast. Our clubs are led by really talented and outspoken individuals at this school. The people who chose these leadership opportunities truly have a passion for what they do. 

Do you have any favorite classes so far, or professors you would like to give a shout-out?
It’s hard not to like any of our technique classes as they tend to break up our long school days. Overall, my favorite classes thus far have been the third trimester’s Physiopathology class and the fourth trimester’s Visceral Pathology, both instructed by Dr. Ilija Arar, chair of the Principles of Healthcare Practice Department. 

What is your dream job?
After graduating I would like to specialize in pediatrics and pregnancy. I enjoy both patient populations and it would be my dream to practice with an emphasis in these two fields.

What do you enjoy about living in the Finger Lakes?
Life in the Finger Lakes certainly reaches a peak in the summer months, especially when we spend time near the lake. Seneca Falls is a small town close to many bigger cities including Ithaca, Syracuse and Rochester. On weekends my friends and I will spend time outdoors, whether it’s going on a hike, visiting a winery/brewery, going on runs by the lake or having bonfires. 

What else would you like people to know about you?
I am a very outgoing individual. I strive to consistently portray myself as an approachable figure not only at school but in everyday life. I like to keep myself busy as this is when I feel my best.