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Although Northeast College of Health Sciences is located — as its name suggests — in the northeastern U.S., its rigorous and evidence-informed programs appeal to students from all over the globe. 

Just ask Dr. Brittany Adewoye, who will receive her Master of Science in human anatomy and physiology instruction (HAPI) degree from Northeast in 2022. Adewoye, a native of the U.S. Virgin Islands, attended classes remotely from locations in the southern United States.

It was an easy choice for her, she notes: "I was looking for a program that was the most affordable and still gave quality education, and Northeast fit those two criteria for me." An added benefit: when Adewoye relocated to Texas she seamlessly continued her online classes from her new home.

"Using the online platform was definitely a first for me but I was up for the challenge and the change," Adewoye says. The first trimester saw her adapting to the format while working full-time and taking care of her family. Doing so required some adjustment, but there were benefits, too.

"One of the pros of online [learning] is being able to do my schoolwork and assignments on my own time and anywhere," Adewoye says. "It also pushed me to manage my time and helped improve my organizational skills." Another benefit was that her professors always got back to her within 24 hours, making it possible for her to get questions answered quickly. "That's a plus for me!" she says.

Adewoye now works at Airrosti Rehab Centers, a large healthcare provider with more than 200 locations in Texas, Ohio, Virginia, and Washington. Although currently employed as a chiropractor, she sees her M.S. in human anatomy & physiology instruction as a tool that will develop her future career path: "I love to educate and teach about the body; I believe this degree will enhance those skills, and I decided to get for my career after retiring from chiropractic."

Quick Questions With HAPI Student Brittany Adewoye

Can you describe Northeast's online community? Was there support from the professors? 
I love the support from this online program and my professors and classmates. It's good to have a buddy or two that you can connect with even more outside of school, which helps to prevent isolation. Some of the program group assignments and discussions help to pick out a classmate with whom you feel particularly connected .  

Who were some of the people who were particularly helpful to you?
On the administration side, the admissions personnel were super helpful and patient with me, and the IT department is great in helping if you have technical difficulties.  Lastly, I can't forget our advisor, Patricia D'Ambrosio, HAPI online program coordinator, who is awesome and always ready and willing to help in any way she can.

What advice would you give to someone considering the HAPI program?
I would say that you won't be disappointed by the quality and genuine care of the people involved in the operations of this program.  They truly care about your experience and success in this program and even prepare you for after graduation.