Carl Jagos posing and smiling

Meet Carl Jagos

Anatomy Center, lab manager

It all started when his mother spotted an advertisement in the local paper. It was 1989, and Carl Jagos had just graduated from St. John’s University with his bachelor’s in biochemistry and was ready to work full time.

The ad was for a job opening at the College, at that time located in Long Island and named New York Chiropractic College. Jagos didn’t know much about the institution or chiropractic. Still, he liked the sound of the lab technician position and was eager to learn more about the healthcare profession.

He didn’t know it yet, but that day was the first day of Jagos’s professional life as the longtime lab manager at the College’s Anatomy Center.

“The Magic Behind the Machine.”

On any given day during lunch and after-hours, music can be heard coming from his office (think the song Stairway to Heaven or anything by the Beatles or Rush) as Jagos dabbles on one of his guitars, including his favorite electric Gibson Les Paul. Most of the time, however, he is spotted in the Anatomy Center. It’s here that Jagos’s  dedication to his day-to-day lab duties, precise attention to detail and ability to inspire and connect with others come shining through.

“All this, while being approachable, affable, and always having an open door, breeds great respect among the students, faculty, staff and administration,” said Dr. Ilija Arar, chair of the Principles of Healthcare Practice Department. “Years may come and go, faces may change in the laboratory, but one thing remains…Carl’s presence.  He has always been the magic behind the machine which makes our lives and, by extension, the lives of our students run more efficiently during the rigors of … the basic science curriculum.”

Jagos has been referred to as “a very dear and valuable part of the community”  by Provost Dr. Anne Killen, “our old faithful” by Dr. Arar and, as one student put it, simply “the man.” His love for music, food and people has allowed him to make profound connections within the community and become an indelible personality of the College. 

With Carl There, It’s All "Good, Good, Good."

Carl Jagos in the Anatamy Lab lecture room, instructing students

As the College’s anatomy lab manager, Jagos is responsible for everything from caring for the human cadavers and specimens that students work with each day to ensuring proper policies and procedures are being followed, as well as scheduling group visitors, facilitating and caring for the whole-body donations to Northeast’s Anatomical Gift Program and even handling educational technology in the Anatomy Center.

Arar noted that it is often mentioned, in good fun, “if Carl doesn’t come into work, the instructors wouldn’t know how to turn the lights on or operate any of the camera equipment.” Fortunately, Jagos is known for his punctuality and rarely misses a day at the lab. 

The Carl Behind The CARL

Carl Jagos standing in his office

Northeast’s tight-knit community is known for its strong bonds, forged through the College’s rigorous academic programs and a shared dedication to healthcare excellence. A prime example of the respect shared among the College’s students, faculty and staff, the name “The CARL” was suggested by multiple members of the Northeast community during the space-naming process.

In his more than 30 years at the College, Jagos has become a mentor and friend to many. Student Government Association (SGA) Executive President Conner Buttry (D.C. ’24, BPS ‘22) said, “Carl is one of the first people you meet as a student. He takes the time to make sure students are comfortable and just makes everything easier.”

Northeast's Student NYSCA President Abigail Riutta (D.C. '25) echoed Buttry's sentiment: "Carl is the best. He's always checking in with students," she said noting that he is proactive in making the time to help students feel welcomed. 

Jagos helped set up the Northeast College Anatomy Center before students even began to attend classes at the Seneca Fall location in 1992. Since then, Jagos has officially impacted every chiropractic student to come through the 286-acre campus. The naming of the new digital anatomy lab as The CARL stands as a tribute to his many contributions to the College and its students.

Many Memories Made.

Jagos has been a foundational member of the College for literal decades. He was eager to make the move from Levittown in 1991, excited to be one of the people bringing the College to the then-new Seneca Falls location. “Over the years there has always been a core group of dedicated people who put their all into the College, keeping the bar level high. It’s why the school has such a good reputation and has been successful for so many years,” Jagos said, noting people such as Professor Emeritus Lisa Bloom (D.C. ’87) and Dean of Faculty and Research Dr. Jeanmarie Burke.

Jagos has formed bonds with these community members, learned and taught much about neuroanatomy and made many memories. Many of his fond recollections happened on campus and in the lab, mentoring students and working with faculty and staff. Still, a couple memories stand out –having a hand in creating the unofficial celebration that brought students together after their first year to burn their scrubs and lab coats, simply playing music on the first day of classes to help break the ice and welcome students to the Anatomy Center.

“Even though the campus is beautiful, and the academic programs are first rate, for me it’s the people of the community that have made my time here so special,” Jagos said. “I will always cherish my memories here.”

faculty demonstrating technology in the CARL

Tribute to Anatomy Center Manager

The Computerized Anatomy Resource Lab (aka The CARL) features four installed Anatomage-8 tables, the most technologically advanced 3D anatomy visualization and virtual dissection tool available. The name of the new digital anatomy lab, The CARL, stands as a tribute to Carl Jagos's impact on the College and its students.