Dr. Fiona Jarrett-Thelwell

Professor Fiona Jarrett-Thelwell (D.C. '94, M.S. ’12) at a Northeast College of Health Sciences Commencement ceremony on the Seneca Falls, N.Y. campus.

Meet Dr. Fiona Jarrett-Thelwell.

An emergency medical technician, leader in the chiropractic profession and favorite professor to many #NortheastBlue students and graduates, Professor Fiona Jarrett-Thelwell, (D.C. '94, M.S. ’12)  has held many roles while teaching at Northeast College of Health Sciences the past 20 years.

She’s been at the College even longer if you count her time as a graduate student. Before she was Dr. Jarrett-Thelwell she was a student on the Seneca Falls campus, working to earn both her Doctor of Chiropractic degree and then her master’s degree in diagnostic imaging.

#NortheastBlue Forever

Multiple factors drew Jarrett-Thelwell to the College: its reputation, evidence-based quality education and state-of-the-art technology. One of the factors that matters to her the most is the College’s “family-like atmosphere.” Jarrett-Thelwell says that administration, faculty, staff, and students are passionate and committed to their roles and that students and alumni are provided with a path to success.

“Our NortheastBlue team is committed to the College’s mission, vision, and values,” she added. “Alumni chose to remain connected to the College and give back in any capacity.”

Northeast students appreciate Jarrett-Thelwell’s interactive classroom sessions. She currently teaches Spinal Radiology, Extremities Radiology, Radiographic Examination, General Diagnosis and Emergency Procedures. “I honestly don’t have a favorite course,” she says, “as they all contribute to the many facets of healthcare and are pivotal in the diagnosis, treatment and protection of patients.”

Northeast Professor, Leader in Chiropractic

Dr. Fiona Thelwell Teaching

Jarrett-Thelwell is an active member on several committees at Northeast, in addition to serving as chair of the Clinical Sciences Department, which encompasses radiology, assessment and diagnosis. She is a member of the New York State Board for Chiropractic and is currently the chairperson of the board (since 2021). Prior to her role as chairperson, she fulfilled the roles and responsibilities as vice-chair.

Her work on the board of chiropractic is comprehensive. Jarrett-Thelwell presides over meetings and manages communications with the board’s executive secretary, education program assistant and board members to conduct business of the board in compliance with New York state. She also serves the board as chair of the Program Review Committee and is a member of the Legislative Committee, Public Information Committee and Practice Committee.

Dr. Fiona Thelwell with Students

Upon Jarrett-Thelwell's appointment as chair of the Board, Northeast President Dr. Michael Mestan had this to say: “This appointment as New York State Board of Chiropractic chair is an exceptional addition to the many leadership roles that Dr. Jarrett-Thelwell holds and very much a testament to her dedication to the profession and her commitment to being a leader in the industry. We are proud of her many accomplishments and all the knowledge and experience she brings to the College and our students.”

As a faculty member of the College since 1995, Jarrett-Thelwell has had significant time to assess what makes the College special. The Northeast experience as she knows it, a strong-connected community, from faculty and students to graduates and practitioners, all dedicated to excellence, leadership and best practices, have made the College the right place for her to be right now and for the past nearly 30 years.