Jenna Patel posing in a clinical white coat

Meet Jenna Patel.

Hometown: Edison, New Jersey

Education: bachelor’s degree in health sciences, University of the Sciences, Philadelphia, Pa.

It’s probably safe to assume that Jenna Patel (D.C. ’23, M.S. ’23) doesn’t have a lot of spare time. In addition to earning her Doctor of Chiropractic degree, she is also on track to receive a Master of Science in applied clinical nutrition (ACN) this year.

“Managing a dual degree program is difficult, but it is doable,” Patel says. “The key is to stay determined and focused on the end goal.”

Currently completing the clinical portion of her chiropractic education at Northeast’s Levittown Health Center, Patel says preparation and planning are crucial to balancing everyday life and completing two graduate-level degrees at the same time. She keeps a well-ordered calendar to stay on track and up to date on deadlines and assignments. “Staying focused and organized is the biggest help for me. I complete assignments each week based on what is most important earlier in the week because I notice I lose steam as the week progresses,” shares Patel.

Patel also relies on the support of her peers in both programs. “We work together and motivate one another to keep progressing,” she said of the College community known as #NortheastBlue.

Patel believes her master’s degree in nutrition will inform her work as a chiropractor. “This degree teaches me to apply nutritional recommendations to various populations like babies, pregnant women, athletes and the elderly,” she said. “I will take what I learn from this program and use it in my role as a chiropractor. I am hoping to take both degrees and combine what I have learned from each.”

Patel’s dream job is to open a clinic that provides high-quality chiropractic care, exercise and rehabilitation, acupuncture and nutritional consulting. “I want to create an environment for patients where they feel comfortable and get all the care they need, from one place they trust,” she said.

Quick Questions with Dual Degree Student Jenna Patel:

You’ve had experience living on campus. What do you think about Northeast’s new reduced housing costs

I believe the reduced housing cost is beneficial to students. There is a significant advantage to living on campus now. It is closer to classrooms, the rec center and the library. Less driving, especially in the winter, is great! It is a great way to be closer to a group of friends, and it does help you make friends quicker!

What motivates you as a dual degree student and soon-to-be graduate?

I want to be able to help my patients physically, internally and mentally. I want to improve their lifestyle, decrease their pain and inflammation and overall, give them a better-quality life. With both degrees, I want to make sure each one of my patients gets the best care possible from me so that they leave my office feeling energized, happier and pain-free!

a group of students receiving instruction from a Northeast faculty member

“I have found a lot of professors here at Northeast who inspired my education,” Patel said.

Dr. (Robert) Ruddy inspires me to learn more about nutrition.
Dr. (Brett) Carnevale teaches us like peers and in ways we could better connect with.
Dr. (Scott) Coon is always helpful and so kind.
Dr. (Hunter) Mollin teaches me to adjust in ways that work best for me.
Dr. (Fiona) Jarret-Thelwell inspires me to be a hardworking, powerful woman in chiropractic.
Dr. (Veronica) Wicks trusts me and trains me to become the best clinician I can be.