Dr. Kingsley Kabari

Meet Dr. Kingsley Kabari.

Hometown: Nigeria

Education: bachelor’s degree in exercise physiology, Plymouth State University, New Hampshire

When Kingsley Kabari (D.C. ’14) graduated from Northeast College of Health Sciences, he was ready to move back home to Lawrenceville, Georgia. However, he was in for a surprise. The connections he made while attending the College proved to be stronger than he realized.

“The clients and friends I had made in Seneca Falls got together and started a GoFundMe to help me start my practice [locally],” Dr. Kabari said. “They pleaded with me to stay and not leave them. I ended up staying and opening my practice inside the local gym.”

A businessperson at the age of 10, Kabari earned his first pennies by cleaning shoes in his native Nigeria, to help his single mother. As a 15-year-old refugee, Kabari found his first American home in New Hampshire, where he attended high school and adjusted to life in the United States. He earned his undergraduate degree at Plymouth State University, with the goal to become a physical therapist, and later worked as a personal trainer.

“After talking with my clients who were also seeing a chiropractor, and hearing the testimonies of how chiropractic helped them heal, it prompted me to look into that field,” Kabari said.

Northeast College showed up on Kabari’s radar as he searched for colleges with strong chiropractic programs. “I had a friend from undergrad who was attending Northeast and he told me all about the program and how wonderful it was. I paid the campus a visit, and the reception from staff, faculty, and students was great.”  

Now, Kabari and his wife, owns and manages Kabari Wellness Institute (KWI) in Seneca Falls and Rome, N.Y. The one-stop health facility features his chiropractic office as well as a handful of carefully selected wellness businesses. These include the Wellness MedSpa, which offers services such as Weightloss, Hormone Replacement and Aesthetics; run by his wife, Dr. Alsia Kabari, an obstetrician-gynecologist.

KWI was featured in an article on Forbes’ online magazine celebrating Kabari’s success utilizing a business principle called the “flywheel concept.” This refers to businesses that combine four to six key, interlocking components that all adhere to the business’s core philosophy—which at KWI is merging chiropractic and functional medicine services with other health, wellness and beauty services.  

“My professional training at Northeast gave me the tools I needed to fully understand and see the broken link between conventional medicine and natural healthcare,” Kabari says. “Our Institute has been a great center in building this relationship. I wanted to create a place where all seven dimensions of wellness are practiced in conjunction with natural  healthcare and conventional medicine.”  

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Quick Questions with Dr. Kingsley Kabari.

Dr. Kabari working with a model spine, talking to a patient

Why did you choose Seneca Falls to start your business? 
[When I graduated, I] opened my practice inside a Seneca Falls gym. I continued doing fitness classes and personal training and kept growing my practice. A year later, I purchased the gym from the owner. I outgrew the gym and was actively looking for a bigger location. [Finding a new location in a former school] was a jackpot for me because I was combining two things I am passionate about, which are chiropractic and wellness.

How have you grown your business and why was the integrative business model right for you and your healthcare institute?
Kabari Wellness Institute meets the community needs of integrated health and wellness services with a holistic approach. Our facility serves as a focal point merging medicine, wellness, physical fitness and overall well-being. The community benefits from the collaboration of professionals practicing complementary and alternative medicine under one roof. Patients will find a place to become renewed, rejuvenated and restored right in the heart of our community. Additionally, it will bring professionals to our area who are seeking a place to practice their healthcare philosophy to work with patients and clients.