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Meet Laurie Rocco

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Headshot of Northeast Alumna Dr. Laurie Rocco

Graduates of New York Chiropractic College (NYCC) become licensed professional chiropractors or acupuncturists, nutritionists or educators; some go on to expand their careers beyond primary healthcare. 

Dr. Laurie Rocco, a 2005 graduate of NYCC's Doctor of Chiropractic program, was in private practice for 10 years in the Rochester, New York, area, where she treated a variety of conditions. In December of 2012, she graduated from NYCC's Master of Science in Human Anatomy and Physiology Instruction (MSHAPI) program. Rocco recently sold her practice and shifted her focus to teaching.

Dr. Robert Crocker, founding dean and former director of the MSHAPI program, had encouraged Rocco to take "that leap of faith." She believes that chiropractors and instructors have a lot in common: "All chiropractors are teachers," and they educate their patients towards a healthier lifestyle. It seems a natural progression for Rocco to have become a teacher at both Monroe Community College, where she teaches human biology as well as anatomy and physiology courses, and Excelsior College, where she leads courses in human anatomy and physiology, and human diversity and public health.

Rocco's NYCC education led her to be a great educator, and that translated very well between programs. She is adored by her students and couldn't have been happier about completing the MSHAPI program. She has come full circle--originally attending NYCC for her DC degree, transitioning to complete her MSHAPI degree, and now teaching those who are, and will become, influencers within the healthcare industry. She remains highly respected by her community in Rochester, and her previous patients have now become dear friends.

To current and prospective students, Rocco says, "Taking the MSHAPI program adds choices and opens doors that give so many options." Teachers and instructors are in very high demand, and she strongly encourages more individuals in the field to pursue a teaching career.  
Rocco recently attended NYCC's Homecoming 2015 in September and reconnected with her fellow colleagues. She is also still in contact with a number of current NYCC faculty

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