Michaela Hogg headshot

Michaela Hogg (D.C. '21)

Hometown: Albany, New York
Undergrad degree: bachelor's degree in exercise science, University of Scranton

With a mother and father who are both healthcare practitioners, Michaela Hogg was raised to see healthy living as a way of life. Nutrition, exercise and wellness were all matters of fact in her household.

Hogg knew early on that she too would seek a career in which she could help others see the importance of wellness. On track to pursue a career in physical therapy, she was introduced to the efficacy of chiropractic care when her brother sought chiropractic treatment for a sports injury. Hogg saw his improvement firsthand and started thinking. "It seemed like I would have more autonomy as a chiropractor and be able to make more decisions related to patient care," she said.

Passion to Become Powerfully prepared

Northeast College's philosophy of treating the "whole body, whole person" to get healthcare results made perfect sense to Hogg. The College's evidence-based curriculum solidified her new mission to become a chiropractor.

"I always had the interest to help people live the healthiest life possible," Hogg said. Even more specifically, she knew that she wanted to help people live pain-free. She was ready to take advantage of every opportunity available to her to do just that. In addition to being a doctor of chiropractic student at Northeast, Hogg concurrently enrolled in the College's M.S. in Applied Clinical Nutrition program.

When she started at NYCC in 2019, Hogg further immersed herself in learning and leadership. She has taken on the roles of executive vice president with Northeast's Student Government Association and research committee vice chair of the College's chapter of the Student American Chiropractic Association (SACA).

Working in the Seneca Falls Heath Center, Hogg said all of the opportunities she's had at Northeast have fit together perfectly to prepare her for her next steps as a professional chiropractor after her Fall 2021 graduation. 

What's it like working in the Seneca Falls Health Center on campus?
I have been able to see and treat patients in my 8th trimester, so it's been really awesome. I complete the notes after the treatment so that's an important piece that I hadn't yet done. In class we learn the appropriate techniques and what questions to ask patients, now I am able to put it all into application. 

How would you describe a chiropractic adjustment and what is its purpose?
A chiropractic adjustment is putting motion into a joint that is not moving properly in order to restore function and optimize health.

How do you protect yourself when working with patients?
Through the program and all of the technique courses, there was always an emphasis on how to effectively adjust, also on how to do it in a safe way for our own bodies. Our professors are always sharing their personal experiences on how they have hurt themselves, and what to pay attention to so we don't do the same thing.

Why was it important to you to also get a degree in nutrition?
I wanted to enroll in the MSACN program because I want to provide quality care that addresses different aspects of health. The knowledge gained in this program will allow me to help my future patients in combination with chiropractic care.