The President's Council plays a vital role in the life and well-being of Northeast College of Health Sciences.

The dedicated members of the Northeast College President's Council support the mission of the College with annual contributions of $1,000[1] or more to the Council during the calendar year[2]. Council members’ donations provide essential resources to advance the College's pursuit of academic excellence, leadership and professional development.

President's Council members are recognized in the annual report and on Northeast's Wellikoff Wall of Appreciation, proudly displayed on campus.

[1] Recent graduates may elect to become Associate Members of the President's Council at a reduced rate of $200 for the year immediately following graduation, $300 for the second year following graduation, $500 for the third year, and $1,000 going forward.

[2] Installments may be paid monthly, quarterly, semiannually, or annually.

President's Council Members

  • Dr. William Atherton
  • Dr. Raymond Bartoli
  • Dr. & Mrs. David Bennett
  • Dr. G. Lansing Blackshaw
  • Ms. Colleen Brennan-Barry
  • Mrs. Amelia & Mr. Timothy Brown
  • Prime Buchholz & Associates Inc
  • Dr. Joanne Cancro
  • Drs. Michael & Deborah Cindrich
  • Dr. Christopher Colloca
  • Mr. Joseph Convertino , C.H. Insurance Brokers
  • Dr. Matthew Cote
  • Ms. Barb Cote, Relph Benefits
  • Mr. Louis DiLorenzo
  • Dr. Ria Eagan
  • Dr. & Mrs. Stephen Eble
  • Dr. Karen Erickson
  • Ms. Carol Faivre
  • Ms. Margaret Ferber
  • Drs. Glenn & Christine Foss
  • Dr. Susan Fries Garris
  • Mr. Randall Gentzler
  • Drs. Mitchell Green & Jennifer Watts
  • Mr. Kent Greenawalt , Foot Levelers, Inc.
  • Dr. Marc Gulitz
  • Drs. Charles & Faith Hemsey
  • Dr. Joanne Hubley
  • Dr. Fiona Jarrett-Thelwell
  • Mr. & Mrs. Robert Kernan
  • Dr. Anne Killen & Family
  • Dr. J. Todd & Mrs. Kristi Knudsen
  • Dr. Frank & Mrs. Jean Lizzio
  • Dr. Wendy Maneri & Family
  • Dr. Kevin Marryshow
  • Mr. Chris McQueeney
  • Dr. Michael Mestan & Family
  • Dr. Tyran Mincey
  • Drs. Jason & Kris Napuli
  • Dr. Frank & Mrs. Carol Nicchi
  • Dr. Kenneth Padgett
  • Dr. Elaina Pirro-Lombardi
  • Dr. Jean-Nicolas Poirier
  • Mr. Harlan Pyes
  • Ms. Karen Quest
  • Mr. Daryon Ray
  • Dr. Brian Rebori
  • Ms. Amie Redmond
  • Ms. Catherine Richardson
  • Ms. Virginia Robbins
  • Dr. Michael Rodriguez
  • Mr. Darrin Rooker
  • Dr. John & Mrs. Maureen Rosa
  • Drs. Rick & Dina Rosa
  • Dr. Julie Scarano
  • Drs. Marc Persson & Emily Swonguer
  • Dr. Ray Tuck
  • Dr. Thomas Ventimiglia
  • Dr. Charles Ventresca
  • Dr. Michael Zumpano


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Headshot of Dr. Knudsen

We Are Grateful For Your Support.

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