Educational partnerships are not uncommon among colleges and universities these days, but they are not all created equal. At Northeast College of Health Sciences, educational partnerships are a powerful tool to enhance students' paths to becoming successful professionals who reimagine health and transform lives. 

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Educational Partnerships Save Students Time and Money

Our partnerships are cooperative and mutually beneficial relationships between educational institutions that are formalized through articulation agreements. These agreements provide students with the opportunity to seamlessly transition from their undergraduate studies to the graduate degree programs at Northeast College. Each articulation agreement includes a specific, undergraduate plan of study and course sequence that will lead to automatic admission to Northeast College and reduce the time and cost of earning an advanced degree by up to one year; and may provide merit scholarship opportunities of up to $2,500.

At Temple I majored in Kinesiology then easily transitioned into graduate school at Northeast College for Health Sciences.

- Justin C.

Educational Partnerships Offer Students Flexible Pathways

At Northeast College, two articulation paths can be offered through our educational partners. 

  • A 4+3 articulation agreement allows students majoring in specific programs and maintaining a certain required GPA to qualify for guaranteed admission to the Northeast College Doctor of Chiropractic program upon graduation and by submitting an application and completing all steps in the admissions process.
  • A 3+3 articulation agreement enables students to complete undergraduate studies in as little as three years, followed by automatic admission to the Doctor of Chiropractic program. As part of the 3+3 agreement, students who successfully complete all courses during the first three trimesters at Northeast College with a grade point average of 2.00 can receive their undergraduate degree by submitting their official Northeast College transcript to their undergraduate institution and completing the required application for graduation and appropriate fees.

Education Partnerships Provide Students with Ongoing Support

Undergraduate students enrolled at Northeast College educational partners experience multiple points of engagement and support from Northeast through admissions counselor presentations, education fairs and admissions counseling. Through this engagement, students connect with their academic advisor to sign a Letter of Intent (LOI), a non-binding agreement designed to ensure that the student completes the undergraduate plan of study required for automatic admissions to Northeast College. With the signed LOI, students receive timely outreach and ongoing guidance and support from their Northeast College admissions counselor in preparation for their graduate studies at Northeast College.

This partnership is a great fit for SUNY Potsdam students, as Northeast College shares a deep commitment to applied learning and clinical experience.

- Tanya Hewitt, Public Health and Human Performance Chair, SUNY Potsdam

Educational Partnerships Go Beyond the Agreement

Students may find educational partnerships elsewhere -- but they're not likely to find one as exciting and involving, for both faculty and students, as those with Northeast College. As Executive Vice President of Academic Affairs Dr. Anne Killen notes, "At Northeast College we have a unique approach to developing educational partnerships and believe our associations go beyond just agreements on paper. Our goal is to identify shared goals and support their achievement through mutually beneficial relationships between institutions that include opportunities for shared research endeavors, student development, and faculty guest lecture programs, to name a few."

In short, a Northeast College educational partnership gives students more than "just" seamless admission or time and cost savings. It also provides early opportunities for career planning and develops excitement for health sciences as students get exposed to some of the finest minds in chiropractic and nutrition. 

To find out more about how you can take advantage of the power of partnerships at Northeast College, contact our Educational Partnership Manager today.

 1Some restrictions apply; contact Northeast College Admissions for details.