Doctor of Chiropractic

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Healing — in your hands.

It's a journey. A professional degree earned at Northeast College of Health Sciences over 10 trimesters, leading to a Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.). Core sciences. Evidence-informed clinical practice. Leading-edge research. Time-honored adjustive techniques. Step-by-step growth. Discovery. Obstacles. Guides and mentors. Clinical opportunities. Mastery.


You'll study alongside peers from diverse undergraduate backgrounds — from liberal arts and social sciences to specialties such as exercise science and physiology, biology, kinesiology, athletic training, nursing, physical therapy. You'll learn deeply from a community of experienced doctors who model, day by day, what it takes to be well and stay well. You'll be supported by our dedicated Career Development and Professional Success team, who see your career goals as their goals, too.

And in the end, you'll join the ranks of Northeast alumni thriving in clinical settings and private practice, united by a common bond — a dedication to daily preparation, a patient-first approach, and a steadfast work ethic.

Why Earn Your Doctorate In Chiropractic with an Education from Northeast College of Health Sciences?

  • Complete your doctorate in just over 3 years right in New York State
  • Build a science-based, evidence-informed professional foundation
  • Get real, hands-on experience with patients as early as in second trimester as part of your clinical experiences
  • Take advantage of great scholarships, financial aid and on-campus work opportunities
  • Get the training to take Board Exams in both the U.S. AND Canada
  • Study with faculty who teach, mentor, and are seen as some of the preeminent chiropractic practitioners in the world
  • Join a strong network of Northeast alumni currently practicing chiropractic across the world


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10 Trimesters

You might ask, "How long does it take to become a Chiropractor?" Our program allows you to earn your chiropractic degree in just 10 trimesters. Over the course of your study — through 10 year-round trimesters, each 15 weeks in length — you will prepare to provide primary and collaborative care as a doctor of chiropractic, placing special emphasis on neuromusculoskeletal conditions and overall patient wellness.


Doctor of Chiropractic: Curriculum At-a-Glance


Prepare in challenging clinical and practical research settings, and gain hands-on practice. Learn from expert mentor-practitioners in an array of diverse healthcare environments.

  • Start clinical education in your seventh trimester
  • Full-year clinic-based clerkship
  • Clinical practice and research settings
  • Three Northeast-operated health centers in New York State: Seneca Falls, Depew, and Levittown.
  • Major hospitals, research centers, and clinics such as Veterans Administration (VA) medical centers,  Salvation Army clinics, and Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.


    Clinical Education at Northeast

    Northeast College's Seneca Falls Health Center

Career Opportunities. Alumni Connections.

The Northeast alumni network reaches far — geographically and in specialty areas of research and practice. Prepare to open your own clinic, or work side-by-side with other healthcare practitioners. You can also explore specialization in a number of areas, such as working with athletes, children, or aging populations.


  • Matching graduates to associate openings, practices for sale, and active jobs
  • Mapping areas where demand for chiropractors exceeds supply
  • State licensure information
  • Practice management resources

Ongoing Alumni Education

Extensive continuing education seminars on topics such as business management help you keep your licensure up-to-date and your skills sharp.

90% 90% of Northeast graduates still practicing seven years after graduation
17% U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects jobs for chiropractors to grow by 17 percent, twice national average
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