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So, you’re wondering if going to chiropractic school will really pay off. Sure, having “Doctor” in front of your name sounds good. But going through one of the top chiropractic programs in the country is a real investment of time, money and effort. Is it worth it?

The answer to that lies not so much in the financial rewards of a chiropractic career — which can be substantial — but in what you want to get out of life.

As a chiropractor you can make a great living — and a real difference.

You should seriously consider becoming a chiropractor if you’d like to:

  • Support health hands-on.
    Chiropractors don’t simply perform musculoskeletal adjustments; they act as person-to-person primary care providers who can consult with, co-manage and refer patients to other professionals for the best in integrative healthcare. 
  • Improve the health and lives of a wide variety of people.
    As a chiropractor, you can serve the full range of people, from treating the general population to having a specialty in pediatrics, geriatrics, sports and athletic performance, ergonomics, soft-tissue therapy, occupational health and more. 
  • Access an extensive range of career opportunities.
    With a chiropractic degree, you’ll have a wide choice of work settings, from running your own private practice to working in hospitals, clinics and even with pro sports teams. And you’ll be entering a job market that is rapidly expanding, with an increased global demand for chiropractors.
  • Find purpose, enjoyment and fulfillment in your work. 
    Research noted by, among others, the National Library of Health, found that among chiropractors, “Job satisfaction overall was rated as high,” -- in large part because they can “transform peoples’ quality of life.”*
  • Earn a professional’s salary.
    Six-figure salaries are common for chiropractors. According to a 2022 report from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 90% of chiropractors nationally earn about $132,000. Earnings vary widely, depending on location and number of hours worked — so the upside potential is largely in your hands.

Write your own chiropractic success story.

Facts and figures only paint part of the picture; you also need to see what a chiropractic career looks like in real life. Consider these three examples of alumni from Northeast College of Health Sciences.

Passion and perseverance put this chiropractor in the big leagues.

Whenever Josh Kollmann (D.C. ’06) returns to Northeast College to speak to students about creating their own success stories, he freely admits that the rigorous coursework was tough for him. But he also points to that constant push for excellence, and the faculty’s unwavering support, as key to his success. 

Possessed of an entrepreneurial drive early on, Dr. Kollmann started in private practice right out of school, working originally out of a single tennis club. Since then he’s built a three-location private practice, Carolina Sports Clinic, employing more than a dozen other practitioners. He is also the team chiropractor for the National Football League’s Carolina Panthers, provides chiropractic care for the NASCAR professional racing circuit, and is on the sports medicine team for the Professional Golfers Association (PGA).

His advice to chiropractic students? “Practice, practice, practice. Take every opportunity the College offers.” He also encourages students to attend seminars and shadow practitioners: “Pick their brains, decide what you like and you don’t like. Find out who’s doing what you want to do, how they got there and how you can get there. It’s an amazing career.”

Falling in love with chiropractic.
Matt and Annie Reyes standing together and smiling

She was a rugby player whose recovery from injuries and enhancement of performance was greatly impacted by chiropractic treatment. He began as a nutrition student, whose personal experience with chiropractic care created a desire to get his Doctor of Chiropractic degree. They were both irresistibly drawn to the evidenced-based education of Northeast College — and to each other.

Today, Annie Reyes, (D.C. ’14) and Matt Reyes (D.C. ’13) are partners in their own health practice, Reyes Active Body Chiropractic, where their mission is to “empower our practice community, their families, and our local community to live at their highest potential by experiencing the highest quality of life expression through chiropractic care, nutrition, and a balanced lifestyle.”

“It’s not a job,” said Dr. Matt Reyes, “it’s a lifestyle. I love supporting patients on their journey to a higher level of health.”  Dr. Annie Reyes couldn’t agree more. “It’s so fulfilling to watch our patients grow in their understanding of chiropractic and how it can help,” she notes.

A family history of chiropractic success.
Cal and Jamie Foster smiling together

The Forsters have been part of the Northeast College community for three generations. The late Arnold Forster (D.C. ’60), was a pioneer of applied kinesiology. His son Jamie, (D.C. ’85) picked up his passion for chiropractic from his father and now owns the integrative healthcare clinic Forster Chiropractic LLP, with five locations in New York City. 

The third generation, represented by Cal Forster, is earning his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Northeast College while simultaneously pursuing a Master’s in applied clinical nutrition. Cal was often in his dad’s offices and recalled watching a man come in, suffering from great pain, saying he felt hopeless. "The next time I saw him (after chiropractic treatment) he was looking great and feeling healthy,” Cal told us. “How could I not want to help add to and grow the profession?" 

What will earning a chiropractic degree be worth to you?

Only you can answer exactly how much it will be worth to go to chiropractic school. At Northeast College, we believe your career potential is unlimited, and we’re ready to help explore your unique opportunity. 

Talk to an admissions counselor today, at 800.234.692 or and download our digital Doctor of Chiropractic viewbook for more detailed information.