A career in Clinical Nutrition is both promising and rewarding. With job growth for nutritionists at a projected 8% by 2029, researching online master's degrees is an excellent step towards your future. As with every career path, there are some important things you should know before embarking on the journey.

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The Benefits Of Online Learning - Flexibility, Convenience, Autonomy

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Manage your life, work, and studies in a program designed to support flexible learning. Northeast College of Health Sciences' Master of Science in Applied Clinical Nutrition (MSACN) program is delivered entirely online, with experienced faculty using a practical approach to learning through lectures, case studies, simulations, and interactive discussions. This remote format offers flexibility and convenience for working professionals, current or aspiring instructors, and practicing healthcare providers. In addition to the extreme flexibility, online study can save you money by eliminating commuting costs like public transportation, gas, and parking. Online learning isn't limited by location and often has students from all over the country working towards the same goal. Being able to connect with this wide variety of people can open the door for more networking opportunities amongst your peers.&

Proven, Versatile Curriculum - The Northeast  Difference and Results

While curriculum can vary depending on the university you choose to attend, at Northeast our curriculum reflects our focus on creating a well-rounded nutritionist. Each 15-week trimester consists of 6 credits and 2-3 courses, helping you to become an expert in science-based, whole-foods approaches to optimal health and performance. Courses like "Macro- and Micronutrients" and "Nutritional Assessment" will lay the foundation for your future as a clinical nutritionist. More specialized courses like "Clinical Sports Nutrition" and "Therapeutic Nutrition" help create that versatile knowledge of the field. As an MSACN student, you will work closely with outstanding professors and peers to view nutrition through an integrative, holistic lens and make a substantive difference in others' lives.

Program Success Stories

At Northeast , we love keeping in touch with our alumni and hearing how their education gave them the path to pursue their interests. Ana Maria Moise is a great example; she is an MSACN

graduate from 2012. Moise is currently practicing at The Nutrition Center in Massachusetts, a non-profit that offers individual counseling and works with local schools. Through helping patients with severe gastrointestinal distress, Moise has found herself a gratifying career.

Curtis Bell has been the director of sports performance for the National Hockey League's Pittsburgh Penguins since 2012. Bell returned to school in 2017 for his Master of Science in Applied Clinical Nutrition, and chose Northeast  because its flexible program allowed him to continue working full time. He appreciated how Northeast 's MSACN graduate program used real science to apply practical nutrition in a real-world setting. Bell now brings his knowledge to his athletes, sharing how nutrition can help them achieve their goals on and off the ice.


If clinical nutrition seems like the right fit for you, know that Northeast  will help you prepare for your career with the highest assessment, intervention, health promotion, and case management standards. For more information about our M.S. in Applied Clinical Nutrition program, visit our program page or contact us today.