Northeast College of Health Sciences hosted its Winter 2023 ceremonies the week of March 27 to honor student milestones and achievements. The Transitions Ceremony was held on March 30, and the Winter Commencement ceremony on April 1, both at the Standard Process Health and Fitness Center on the College’s Seneca Falls campus.

In addition to the two ceremonies, the Commitment to Excellence Pledge event was held on March 29 to recognize first-trimester chiropractic students as they begin their academic journeys. As each student took the pledge, Northeast President Dr. Michael Mestan presented them with a pin reflecting the College mission that reads: “Excellence. Professionalism. Leadership." 

Transitions Ceremony Celebrates Seventh-Tri Students.

During Northeast College’s Transitions Ceremony on March 30, seventh-trimester chiropractic students received their clinical white coats, signifying the start of their outpatient clinical education at one of Northeast’s health centers in New York state. To successfully reach this milestone on their path to becoming doctors, Northeast chiropractic students must complete over two years of training in foundational sciences, clinical sciences, integrated chiropractic therapies and principles of chiropractic practice, followed by a clerkship in the campus health center. 

At the ceremony, awards were presented to students for academic excellence, and Dean of Clinical Education Dr. Wendy Maneri addressed students and presented the Student Oath.

Winter 2023 Commencement Honors New Doctors.

Twenty-nine new doctors of chiropractic received their diplomas during Northeast’s Winter 2023 Commencement Ceremony. This degree is earned after 10 trimesters of study, which includes courses in areas like biochemistry, gross anatomy, neuroscience, nutrition and business management, as well as extensive hands-on clinical experience and research.

Student Government Association Executive President Conner Buttry (D.C. ’24) presented the student address, professor Dr. Scott Coon delivered the faculty address, Dr. Rick Rosa (D.C. ‘96) presented a greeting on behalf of the College’s Board of Trustees. The ceremony also hosted a Convocation of the American College of Chiropractors presentation, led by past chair of the Northeast College Board of Trustees Dr. Frank Lizzio (D.C. ’80).

Distinguished Chiropractic Keynote Speaker.

Dr. Tarola delivering the commencement address
Board Member of NCMIC Dr. Gary Tarola addressed Northeast College graduates as the Winter 2023 Commencement speaker.

Dr. Gary Tarola, board member of NCMIC, was the Winter 2023 Commencement speaker. Prior to his retirement in 2019, Tarola was section chief of the division of chiropractic medicine, Department of Medicine - Lehigh Valley Physician Group (LVPG), of Lehigh Valley Health Network (LVHN). He also served as president and chair of the board of the Pennsylvania Chiropractic Society. A diplomate in chiropractic orthopedics, renowned speaker and expert contributor for many prestigious industry publications, Tarola has been an advocate for the chiropractic and healthcare professions throughout his outstanding career. 

During his address to the graduating new doctors and other guests, Tarola reminded them of what it takes to achieve excellence, noting “Dreams go nowhere without preparation and hard work. (Northeast College) has given you the tools and made you ready for success.” Tarola also shared his own set of tools to help graduates be the best, most effective doctors they could be, exhorting them to embrace RICCE – Relationships, Involvement, Communication, Compassion and Ethics. He concluded by wishing all attending great happiness, health and longevity.

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