Northeast College of Health Sciences hosted its 10 annual Nutrition Symposium on June 23, 2022, via Zoom. 

Nutrition and public health expert Dr. Leanne Skehan, DCN, MPH, who received her master's in applied clinical nutrition at Northeast College, was the keynote speaker. The topic was Microbiome. The event provided both clinical in-service credits and continuing education credits to participants while Skehan delivered a presentation about how the microbiome functions and the negative impact that a dysfunctional microbiome can have on human health, both physically and mentally Dr. Skehan said that 90 percent of diseases can be traced to the microbiome and gut health and explored evidence-based practices for restoring the microbiome.

Always a well-attended event, the Nutrition Symposium has been hosted by the College for 10 years to provide students with clinical examples of specific nutrition topics. A variety of expert nutrition and wellness speakers have presented at the symposium both online and in person. Topics of discussion in recent years have included: nutrigenomics and epigenetics, fitness and optimal performance, and gut health and inflammation.

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