Students, faculty and staff at Northeast College of Health Sciences got hands-on for a new lesson, but it wasn't in the Anatomy Center or even in one of their usual labs or classrooms. This lesson had the #NortheastBlue community experiencing – via virtual reality -- the effects of driving under the influence and distracted driving when the Save A Life Tour visited the Seneca Falls, N.Y. campus this week.

Save a Life Tour

Sponsored by New York State STOP-DWI Foundation, the international safe-driving program uses virtual reality driving simulators to demonstrate the consequences of unsafe driving  practices and choices. The tour’s educational information is shared several different ways,   including via video presentation, speaking presentation, interactive demonstration with simulators, and pre-and post-surveys, and Save a Life also provides students with a free pledge card and wristband.

Northeast College student Alexandra Pereira (D.C. ‘25) had an opportunity to try the technology, which simulates an intoxicated driver's delayed response time. “It’s pretty intense and eye-opening,” said Pereira. “It's a good message to get out into colleges and among younger people.”

Northeast’s Executive Director of Student Engagement Carol Faivre said the program presented a new way to share an important message. “While our students are here on campus, busy preparing for their future careers in healthcare, we try and provide as many opportunities as possible for students to connect and relax while still learning important life lessons,” she said.  

The Save A Life Tour has presented to students at more than 2000 colleges, universities and high schools across the country, and also provides safe driving educational services to organizations such as the Department of Defense, New Hampshire Highway Safety and New York STOP-DWI.

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