Northeast College of Health Sciences supports the local, Finger Lakes and New York state regions in many ways – including economically.  Northeast College’s total economic impact in 2020-2021 was more than $48 million, according to a recently released financial report published by The Commission on Independent Colleges & Universities in New York (CICU).

Northeast’s total economic impact is the sum of several factors. Institutional impact, tallied at $41.3 million, includes spending on research and development, construction, technology, employee salaries and other operating expenses. Student and visitor impact totals $6.9 million and includes the money spent by members of each of these groups in the broader community.

There are 12 independent colleges and universities in the Finger Lakes and collectively they enroll 40,000 students and award more than 11 thousand degrees in the region each year. Combined these institutions have a total economic impact of $6.2 billion to the region. 

Northeast College 2020-2021 Economic Impact.

Arrow pointing none $48
Northeast’s total economic impact
Arrow pointing none $41.3
Institution impact
Arrow pointing none $6.9
Student & visitor impact
Arrow pointing none 500
Total jobs supported (200 on campus)

New York State: Destination for Learning.

aerial view of Northeast College campus

Ongoing studies by CICU show that New York state is the leading destination in the United States for first-time students leaving their home state to attend private, not-for-profit colleges, such as Northeast. These institutions also rank highly for graduate study, with 70% of students pursuing graduate degrees in New York, ultimately attending a private, not-for-profit school. 

CICU reports also show that 68% of students of color who attend college in New York state receive their master's and doctorate degrees from private, not-for-profit colleges and universities, and that these institutions account for 77% of research and development spending in the state ($5.5 billion of $7.1 billion).

Northeast prides itself in being among these higher education institutions committed to academic excellence and working together to advance student and educational opportunities in New York state. In fact, the College has articulation agreements with many CICU partnering colleges, including St. John Fisher College, Houghton University and Manhattan College.

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