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Northeast's 2022 SGA Executive Team Focuses on Student Engagement

April 8, 2022 Northeast College of Health Sciences
Picture of Fawod Majidi, Chelsea Shultis, and Conner Buttry standing in the Academic 3 atrium

Sitting in the sunlight streaming in through the campus atrium's floor-to-ceiling windows, Northeast College of Health Science's 2022 Student Government Association (SGA) leaders reflect on their plans for the year.

There's Fawod Majidi, SGA executive president, and Chelsea Shultis, executive secretary/treasurer, both Northeast doctor of chiropractic students set to graduate in November 2022. They're joined by Conner Buttry, executive vice president and member of the chiropractic class of 2024. The three leaders (known collectively as the "E-team") will hold their positions through December of 2022, and agree social engagement is the No. 1 goal of their one-year term.

The SGA E-team believes students are ready to reconnect, particularly after the pandemic caused many students turn to online means for their coursework and socialization, and the SGA wants to provide opportunities.

Majidi is from Toronto, the capital of Canada's Ontario province; Buttry is from a small town near Altoona, Penn. and Shultis grew up just 2 hours away from Northeast in Fort Plain, N.Y. The three have already developed a bond. Majidi calls Shultis the "radiology queen," touting her digital imaging skills, and they look to each other to confirm their plans to bolster student involvement and to bring the community together.

"We want to help reestablish that sense of community Northeast is known for," Shultis said. "We will be one another's networks later on as we become professionals and we can start building those teams now."

The SGA executive team wants to propose events for students to unwind, connect and have fun. They also want to be a big part of growing the College's annual Blue Day and would also like to create an event for students to collaborate to build their support teams and future networks as they develop careers as doctors.

Meet SGA's 2022 Leaders

Fawod Majidi sitting in the Academic 3 atrium

Fawod Majidi (D.C. ’22, MSHAPI ’22)
SGA Executive President

Education: bachelor's degree in kinesiology and health sciences, York University

Fawod Majidi was 14 when his father was treated with chiropractic care for a work-related injury. He still remembers the doctor and believes it was the effective patient communication and focused care that led to a successful recovery. That's why Majidi chose to pursue chiropractic -- to heal other people by providing the same type of care.

He chose Northeast College because of its reputation for academic excellence and its evidence-informed curriculum. As a member of the Afghan and Muslim community, Majidi said chiropractic care is not a very common health practice in those populations. "Being able to act as a role model within my community and offer the people I care about a different outlook to healthcare is something I hope to achieve," Majidi said. "There is so much potential, and our profession continues to grow every day. Being able to expose this to a new demographic and educate the community is exciting to be a part of."

Majidi, also enrolled in the Master of Science in Human Anatomy and Physiology Instruction (MSHAPI) program, has been a student tutor, president of the Students for Social Diversity & Awareness club, class representative for the Nov. 2022 D.C. class, and a supervisor at the College's Standard Process Health and Fitness Center. After graduation, he hopes to have many successful years in practice, possibly in his home country of Canada, before ultimately becoming a professor in anatomy and physiology. "There is no better gift than giving back," Majidi said.


Conner Buttry sitting in the Academic 3 atrium

Conner Buttry (D.C. '24)
SGA Executive Vice President

Education: studied nursing, West Virginia University; Bachelor of Professional Sciences, Northeast College

Conner Buttry feels fortunate to have been exposed to chiropractic early and describes his family as "chiro-loving." There's a chiropractic office that has been providing care in his Pennsylvania hometown for 100-plus years and is well respected by locals and the regional sports-minded community alike.

"I have always enjoyed learning more about anatomy, physical health and rehabilitation, and chiropractic school allows me to use that education to help others," Buttry said, adding that Northeast College provides a positive environment for that kind of learning. "The people, staff, and students here are very welcoming and genuine. I am very thankful for the resources and help that is available throughout the school. Motivation is around every corner."

Buttry works part-time in the College library and has plans to join other groups and organizations at Northeast during the remaining trimesters of his education.

As for that chiropractic office in his hometown. Buttry already has the endorsement of the current owner and plans to practice there after graduation. Eventually he hopes to manage the facility and ultimately call it his own.


Chelsea Shultis sitting in the Academic 3 atrium

Chelsea Shultis (D.C. '22)
SGA Executive Secretary/Treasurer

Education: bachelor's degree in biology, University of Rhode Island

Originally on the pre-med track in her undergraduate school years, Chelsea Shultis realized her passion was for healing. Receiving chiropractic care for high school injuries from cheer and soccer motivated Shultis to pursue chiropractic education. Northeast College was recommended as the school with the evidence-informed curriculum that would teach her the best techniques to heal others.

Shultis talks passionately about the importance of being involved. Since becoming a student at Northeast, she has attended the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners (NBCE) leadership forum and the Professional Football Chiropractic Society Student Combine, held in Indianapolis during the 2022 National Football League Combine.

Shultis has also been a member of the New York State Chiropractic Association (NYSCA), the Student American Chiropractic Association (SACA) on the national level and in the Northeast chapter, and the secretary/treasurer of the class of November 2022. She has even met and networked with the New England Patriots' team chiropractor. Yep, the man who has adjusted football legend, Tom Brady. She hopes to job shadow the chiropractor too and ultimately get a job in the New England region.

Shultis' goal is to work in a multi-disciplinary setting that combines chiropractic, nutrition, acupuncture, athletic training and massage therapy, among other modalities. Shultis notes she's ready for what comes next: "The (chiropractic) program at Northeast is incredibly challenging in many ways, but at the end of the day, striving towards the goal of improving health and function of my future patients allows me to stay motivated and learn how to provide the best possible care."

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