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Northeast College of Health Sciences professor Dr. Fiona Jarrett-Thelwell has been named as the chair of the New York State Board for Chiropractic.

Dr. Jarrett-Thelwell received her Doctor of Chiropractic and M.S. in Diagnostic Imaging degrees from Northeast College and has served as professor in the Clinical Sciences department since 1995.

As well, Jarett-Thelwell has served as a member of the New York State Board for Chiropractic since 2015, most recently in the position of vice-chair. In June 2022, she was appointed to position of Board chair.

In this new role, Jarrett-Thelwell's many duties and responsibilities include presiding over all meetings and overseeing communication with the Board's executive secretary, education program assistant and board members to conduct the business of the Board in compliance with New York state. Jarrett-Thelwell also serves the New York State Board for Chiropractic as chair of the Program Review Committee and a member of the Legislative Committee, Public Information Committee and the Practice Committee.

 "This appointment as New York State Board for Chiropractic chair is an exceptional addition to the many leadership roles that Dr. Jarrett-Thelwell holds within the chiropractic community and very much a testament to her dedication to the profession and her commitment to being a leader in the industry," said Northeast College President Dr. Michael Mestan. "We are proud of her many accomplishments and all of the knowledge and experience that she brings to the College and our students."

About the New York State Board for Chiropractic

Promoting excellence in chiropractic regulation through service to its members, the New York State Board for Chiropractic handles both licensing and disciplinary functions as an advisory body to the New York State Education Department & Board of Regents. 

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