Bachelor of Professional Studies With Major in Life Sciences

Two students studying a model skull

Program Description

Northeast College of Health Sciences offers a 123-semester-credit-hour baccalaureate degree program: the Bachelor of Professional Studies (B.P.S.) with a major in Life Sciences. Only students who have been admitted into the D.C. program at Northeast are eligible to participate in the B.P.S. program.

For those students who lack a baccalaureate degree upon matriculation into Northeast's D.C. program, the B.P.S. program is designed to serve two purposes: (1) enable professional program graduates to be eligible for licensure in those jurisdictions where a baccalaureate degree is required in addition to graduation from a professionally accredited program; and (2) allow Northeastgraduates to be eligible for enrollment in graduate programs that require an undergraduate degree in a life science-oriented field.

D.C. Student Requirements

  • Completion of 90 undergraduate credits, including 33 credits in liberal arts and science courses
  • Completion of 30 credits taken at Northeast from among the following D.C. curriculum courses: Cell and Tissue Biology, Gross Anatomy I, Gross Anatomy II, Gross Anatomy III, Neuroscience I, Neuroscience II, Principles of Biochemistry, Biochemistry of Nutrition/Metabolism, Systems Physiology, Clinical Microbiology, Environmental Health, Basic Human Nutrition I, Basic Human Nutrition II
  • Completion of the three-credit capstone course, Integrative Healthcare (BPS 4000)

Interested individuals should contact the Director of the B.P.S. program:

Dr. Alexandra Fiore, D.C.
Northeast College of Health Sciences
2360 State Route 89
Seneca Falls, NY 13148

Phone: (315) 568-3237