Brett Carnevale speaking at campus event

Meet Dr. Brett Carnevale.

Assistant professor & department chair

If we had to guess how much downtime Dr. Brett Carnevale (D.C.’09, M.S. ‘16) has in a day, the answer would easily be “not much.” An assistant professor at Northeast College of Health Sciences, he is also chair of the College’s Integrative Chiropractic Therapies Department, the lead chiropractor and owner of Infinite Family Wellness LLC, and part-time instructor at two other area colleges.

The robust schedule is Carnevale’s preference, and he thrives in being able to teach and practice. “As a chiropractic student I never saw myself doing anything other than seeing patients,” he said. “This changed the first day I was in the classroom and realized that this is something I truly enjoyed. Since then, I have taught and practiced, which for me is the best of both worlds.”

Powerfully Prepared at Northeast College.

Carnevale was drawn to the profession at a young age based on positive experiences he had as a chiropractic patient. Fortunately, he lived near one of the leading chiropractic colleges in the country. “Being native to the Finger Lakes region, I was familiar with Northeast—then New York Chiropractic College—so choosing a school for my chiropractic education was an easy choice,” he said.

Attending the College guided him toward opportunities that interested him and helped him to learn more effectively. “I benefited from the positive interactions with my instructors, the close-knit campus community, and the various learning opportunities that were available,” Carnevale said. “I had a desire to work with athletes and at the College I gained valuable experience from the elective opportunities and the off-campus sporting events that we attended as student clerks.”

Carnevale leads the College’s Integrative Chiropractic Therapies (ICT) Department, which he says is where much of the hands-on learning happens in the chiropractic program. Using an evidence-based approach, the courses offered build on one another, providing the student with manipulative, soft tissue, rehabilitation, and assessment skills—all of which are vital for a successful doctor of chiropractic. 

Carnevale currently lives in his hometown of Clyde with his wife Megan, daughter Taylor, and sons Jayden and Jax. He recently completed his second doctorate from the University of Rochester’s Warner School in higher education leadership and is now a doctor of education as well as a doctor of chiropractic.

Quick Questions with Dr. Brett Carnevale.

What made you decide to go back to school to earn a second doctoral degree?
Since graduating from Northeast in 2009 I have worked in higher education either part time or full time. My experiences as an instructor at Monroe Community College, Syracuse University, Finger Lakes School of Massage, and Northeast College gave me a different perspective on the student experience and higher education as a whole. This sparked an interest in gaining more knowledge in higher education leadership, in the hopes of having an opportunity to impact student learning in a new role in the future. 

You’ve worked with Northeast’s core curriculum through your experience with the ICT department. What makes it effective and robust?
Specifically, for the ICT department, the core technique curriculum is presented in a way to allow students to maximize their abilities. The hands-on learning presented to our students starts in their first trimester, preparing them to perform their first chiropractic adjustment midway through the second trimester at Northeast. This approach allows students to consistently work on and advance their skills to be best prepared for patient care later in the program.

How else does Northeast prepare students to become successful?
In addition to preparing our students for patient care, the D.C. program prepares students to be familiar with a variety of practice models (private ownership vs. associate), billing practices, legal considerations and marketing.