Conner Buttry

Meet Conner Buttry.

SGA Executive President

Hometown: Osterburg, Pa.

Education: studied nursing, West Virginia University; Bachelor of Professional Sciences, Northeast College

Conner Buttry (D.C. ’24, BPS '22) said he's fortunate to have been exposed to chiropractic early. He describes his family as "chiro-loving."  There's even a chiropractic office that has been providing care in his Pennsylvania hometown for 100-plus years. It's both well respected by locals and the regional sports-minded community alike.

Student Government Association Executive President Buttry works part-time in the College library and has plans to join even more groups and organizations at Northeast before he graduates in 2024 with his doctor of chiropractic degree.

As for that chiropractic office in his hometown. Buttry already has the endorsement of the current owner and plans to practice there after graduation. Eventually he hopes to manage the facility and ultimately call it his own.

I have always enjoyed learning more about anatomy, physical health and rehabilitation, and chiropractic school allows me to use that education to help others," Buttry said, adding that Northeast College provides a positive environment for that kind of learning. "The people, staff, and students here are very welcoming and genuine. I am very thankful for the resources and help that is available throughout the school. Motivation is around every corner.

The supportive community has played a crucial role in my success, providing an environment where I feel motivated and empowered to achieve my goals.

Quick Questions with Chiropractic Student Leader Conner Buttry.

Can you speak to your experiences here and how the College, from location to academics and community, and how they have helped play a role in your journey here?
Northeast College has  provided a transformative experience for me, offering a serene and picturesque location that fosters focus and determination in a challenging academic program. The supportive community, dedicated faculty experts and the camaraderie among #NortheastBlue students have played a crucial role in my success, providing an environment where I feel motivated and empowered to achieve my goals. This package of location, academics and community has made my journey at Northeast College truly fulfilling and rewarding.

What has changed for you since beginning your chiropractic education at Northeast in 2021? 
My career goals have evolved. I have become more focused and aligned with my passions. Through our discussions and the knowledge gained, I now feel significantly more prepared and confident in my abilities to pursue and achieve those goals. My personal goals have remained consistent, and I aspire to both work in my field and eventually establish my own practice. Owning my own practice is a long-term aspiration that continues to drive my dedication and efforts.

How have you found success and balance here at Northeast? Have your leadership roles helped?
At Northeast, many individuals have found success and balance by actively engaging in leadership roles and taking advantage of the opportunities available. Leadership positions offer valuable experiences, teaching effective communication, teamwork and problem-solving skills. By embracing these opportunities, students can develop a sense of empowerment and responsibility, leading to a greater sense of balance and achievement in their academic and personal lives. 

How have Northeast faculty and or staff helped or inspired you?
Faculty and staff play a crucial role in supporting students at Northeast College. Dr. (Larissa) Martin’s exceptional communication skills during the board reviews have been instrumental in creating a positive and effective learning environment. Her adeptness in conveying complex concepts has greatly contributed to the success of the board review sessions. Professors Dr. Martin, Dr. (Jeana) Voorhies, Dr. (Ilija) Arar and others have assisted in various ways, such as providing comprehensive review sessions and study materials to help students succeed in board examinations. Additionally, they organize workshops and activities that expose students to diverse experiences and perspectives, fostering personal growth and development. 

Dr. (Rebecca) Bauer, Dr. (Fiona) Jarrett-Thelwell and Dr. (Brett) Carnevale exemplify the importance of staying current with the latest information in the medical field. Their dedication to remaining up to date on medical advancements serves as a remarkable example for others to follow. Faculty who are passionate about patient care serve as role models, inspiring students to prioritize compassionate and effective healthcare in our future careers. Overall, the guidance and support from faculty and staff contribute significantly to students' success and growth during their time at Northeast College. Dr. (William) Lauretti's most cherished piece of advice to me is to have "big soft hands" – a reminder to approach patient care with empathy and delicacy.