Anatomy Lab

NYCC students receiving instruction in the Anatomy Lab

Explore the Anatomy Center

New York Chiropractic College possesses a leading-edge anatomy center that features full human dissection, rivaling many medical schools.  Our facilities include a large gross anatomy dissection laboratory constructed with safety and student learning as priorities.  There are two teaching classrooms attached to the laboratory. One room is a dedicated wet laboratory where neuroscience is taught.  Here students learn the anatomy of the human brain.  The other classroom accommodates around 100 students and is a multimedia classroom equipped with a ceiling mounted video camera that can project images into this classroom and into the dissection laboratory.  There are 6 flat-panel monitors in the dissection laboratory that enables instructors to project learning materials into the laboratory.  The anatomy center is also home to the Anatomical Gift Program, a NY State licensed whole body donation program.   The general public and alumni who consider whole body donation are able to donate directly to the college.