Northeast's one-of-a-kind Master of Science in Human Anatomy & Physiology Instruction (HAPI) helps students transform into highly effective instructors.

The Northeast HAPI program combines content expertise with the latest skills and tools in instructional design and delivery. Through this unique two-year, fully online program, you can earn your degree at your convenience, from anywhere in the world, and be powerfully prepared to successfully teach future healthcare professionals.

Why Earn an M.S. in Human Anatomy & Physiology Instruction at Northeast?

The M.S. in Human and Anatomy Physiology Instruction program was created to satisfy the increasing demand for college instructors who are both specialists in anatomy and physiology and are also well versed in the most current college course requirements, instructional theories and practices.

As part of the HAPI program, you will collaborate with professors and classmates in evidence-informed learning experiences. You will also have full access to Northeast's educational resources, including our extensive peer-reviewed medical, research and alternative health journal collections in our online library and technical and career support.

  • Earn your master's degree 100% online in as little as 2 years
  • Gain both the subject and instructional expertise you need to move directly into teaching anatomy and physiology
  • Manage your life, work, and studies in a program designed for working professionals
  • Study with faculty who teach, mentor, and are seen as some of the preeminent practitioners in the world
  • Build your credentials in an in-demand field

  • Demonstrate a mastery of the disciplines of anatomy and physiology, across the spectrum of all the systems of the human body, at a level superior to the rigor of a typical undergraduate anatomy and physiology curriculum;
  • Create effective teaching tools and techniques for presenting anatomy and physiology course content at the appropriate rigor for the undergraduate environment. These instruments include course syllabi, lesson plans, lecture outlines, multimedia presentations, laboratory exercises, test banks, and other assessment tools;
  • Apply effective practice principles to instructional designs for anatomy and physiology curricula; and
  • Be prepared for employment in the college and university setting.

The HAPI program at Northeast consists of 36 credits delivered online over two calendar years: 21 credits of Human Anatomy and Physiology Instruction and 15 credits of Instructional Theory and Practices.

Course No./Title Credits
ITP 5110 Instructional Theory & Practices: Foundations of the Classroom 3
ITP 5120 Instructional Theory & Practices: Elements of Course Development 3
ITP 5135 Instructional Theory & Practices: Designing and Developing For Lab and Blended Learning Environments 3
ITP 5140 Instructional Theory & Practices: Employment in the College/University Setting; Capstone Portfolio Project 3
ITP 5160 Designing Online Courses 3
HAP 5110* Introduction to Anatomy & Physiology; Chemistry; Cells; Histology 3
HAP 5120 Integumentary, Skeletal, and Muscular Systems 3
HAP 5130 Nervous System 3
HAP 5140 Endocrine System; Cardiovascular System 3
HAP 5150 Lymphatic System/Immunity, Respiratory System, Digestive System, Metabolism 3 3
HAP 5160 Urinary System, Acid-Base Balance, Reproductive System, Development/Inheritance 3
HAP 5190 Essentials of Pathophysiology for A&P Instructors 3
Total Required Credits - M.S. in human anatomy & physiology instruction 36

* Students are expected to successfully complete this course before enrolling in other HAP-prefix courses unless permission is granted by the program director.

Applicants must meet at least one of the following criteria:

  1. Have earned a professional degree (MSN, M.D., D.O., D.C., DVM, or other similar advanced clinical degree) awarded by an accredited institution; or
  2. Have earned a master's degree in a related field from an accredited institution; or
  3. Demonstrate significant anatomy and physiology teaching experience in the undergraduate college/ university setting; or
  4. Demonstrate successful completion of the anatomy and physiology course sequence of an advanced clinical degree; or
  5. Demonstrate successful completion of a graduate certificate program in anatomy and physiology (minimum 12 credits).

An earned cumulative grade point average of 2.5 or higher on a 4.0 scale is desired.


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Northeast College’s Human Anatomy and Physiology Instruction program thoroughly prepares students seeking careers in health science education, where demand is increasing in fields such as nursing, physical therapy, physician assistant and medical imaging.

The healthcare field is estimated to grow 16% from 2020 to 2030, adding approximately 2.6 million new jobs – more than any other occupational group.* As colleges and universities add new programs and majors to meet this demand, human anatomy and physiology are positioned as core course requirements and the need for quality A&P instructors is at an all-time high.

Arrow pointing none 87%
87% of Northeast 2017 HAPI program graduates were teaching human anatomy and physiology one year after graduating.
Arrow pointing none 1.9M
New jobs
According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 1.9 million jobs will be created in the healthcare field between 2018-2028.
Arrow pointing none Award
Winning Faculty
3 Northeast faculty are recipients of the highest award that the Human Anatomy and Physiology Society (HAPS) bestows.
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Human anatomy & physiology instruction coursework can be completed entirely online.
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