Eina Kassab

Meet Eina Kassab.

Hometown: Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada 

Education: bachelor’s of kinesiology & health sciences, York University, Toronto, Canada

President of Northeast College’s Student Canadian Chiropractic Association (SCCA) club, Eina Kassab (D.C. ’25, BPS ’23) decided to go directly to the top when she invited speakers to campus to talk with club members.

That’s why CEO of the Canadian Chiropractic Association (CCA) Dr. Ayla Azad and Dr. Crystal Draper, CCA senior manager of professional practice, were on campus during the Fall 2023 Trimester, to talk to Northeast students about practicing in Canada. 

Kassab, also the vice president of Northeast’s Women in Chiropractic club, learned a lot from both leaders during that meeting. All of which will help her when its time for her to take the Canadian chiropractic boards and ultimately pursue her goal of being a holistic healthcare provider. 

As a member of the board of directors for the national SCCA group, Kassab continues to be inspired by Azad, also an active member of the SCCA board. Kassab wants to pass along some of those important learning lessons to her fellow students also looking to practice chiropractic in Canada.

What Northeast SCCA President  Eina Kassab Has Learned From Being Active With the Group

  • The value of being an SCCA member. Through membership we are provided with continuous tools and resources from the time we register to studying for boards. And this continues throughout our professional careers.  
  • Among the available tools through SCCA are different webinars to help with building a practice from a business side. Both Dr. Draper and Dr. Azad are entrepreneurs so having a business understanding is vital if someone is looking to build a practice. Luckily, the SCCA has free online lessons that students can take and gain that knowledge. They cover everything from the color scheme of your brand to managing the finances of a new business, especially in Canada.
  • Canadian boards are no easy hurdle to cross, but they are doable. That is why the SCCA has free board review sessions to help students better prepare for boards. They noted that students that take the reviews have a pass rate of near 100%.
  • There are great networking opportunities for students to connect with doctors, especially in areas they are looking to practice in. Events such as the CCA National Convention and Tradeshow allow students to attend seminars and be keynote speakers alongside established doctors of chiropractic practicing in Canada. 
  • The SCCA is ALWAYS available to help and support students. This is my personal experience as well as many other students. They are always more than happy to help in any way they can and if they do not have the answer to a question, they direct us to the person that does. They provide great networking opportunities for students to connect with doctors, especially in areas they are looking to practice in.

Overall, being a member of SCCA, both the Northeast College and national chapters has been a resource for Kassab to maintain her success as a student. Wearing her SCCA leader hat, Kassab says:

“We are constantly listening to feedback and addressing any questions or concerns students have to help bridge the gap between graduation and working in Canada.”