Erin Hayden headshot

Meet Erin Hayden.

Hometown: Fulton, NY

Education: Health Sciences at Cayuga Community College and in technical school with the Air National Guard

Born and raised in Central New York, Erin Hayden (D.C. ’23) embraces the four seasons that come along with studying at Northeast College of Health Sciences. In the winter she skies at local mountains, and during the summer she takes to Lake Ontario, near her hometown, for some jet skiing.

While wrapping up the 2020 Winter Tri, Hayden made a quick shift to take on the responsibilities of her role as aerospace medical technician in the Air National Guard. To help track the spread of the coronavirus, when the outbreak was classified as a global pandemic, Hayden was called on to screen people on base at Hancock Field Air National Guard Base in Syracuse

"It was not easy," said Hayden, who added that the dean and her other professors were understanding, ensuring she had what she needed to prepare for and take her finals."

Quick Questions with Doctor of Chiropractic Student Erin Hayden.

What advice for new students and students new to online studies?
"Don't put it off, it can be easy to do," she said. Also: "Use your plastic spine, use people at home. Don't adjust outside of school," Erin cautions. "Just put your hands on friends and family to figure out what it is you're learning."

Do you have any Northeast secrets to share?
"I failed neuro. And that's O.K.," Erin said. "It happens. So, I had to modify. This is how I look at it: The first time I took it was like reading a dictionary and now it's like reading a book."

What is your dream job upon graduation?
"I want to work in sports. That's my overall goal. Maybe not professional, but I want to bring chiropractic to schools --high school students and undergrads in sports programs." Ideally, she'd like to work in her hometown, Oswego, NY.