Why Northeast

Smiling Northeast student

Our Commitment to Healing

Imagine a diverse and energized community of teachers and clinicians who have all made a conscious call to action: Let’s pursue the highest standards of patient care, approach academics with excellence, and carry a passion and pride for advancing the professions we teach every day.

Let’s restore movement, the body's natural form and function — naturally. Let’s help millions of people suffering various forms of chronic pain regain strength and comfort. Whether it’s through chiropractic care, acupuncture, or a combination of a number of conservative therapies.

Let’s build on the basis that the right foods and plants can completely change someone’s life — that with proper nourishment, our bodies can thrive.

Let’s train teachers who carry with them both a crucial foundation in anatomy, physiology and the life sciences, as well as a solid understanding of the pedagogy required to teach the next generation of the world’s best healthcare professionals.

We call this the pursuit of perfect form.

Northeast College of Health Sciences is home to a number of health programs with one shared goal: to bolster a deep and daily dedication to health and a greater understanding of the human body — through the insatiable pursuit of academic excellence, leadership, and professional best practices.

Chiropractic, Teaching and Nutrition Programs

Advanced degrees that take a natural, conservative approach to healing — combining hundreds of years of tradition with the always-advancing application of diagnostic, technique, and technology. We are among the best academic institutions in the country at providing natural health sciences and education programs, in one of the most beautiful locations in the Northeast.